Travelling Whilst Volcanic Ash is in the Atmosphere

Air travel throughout Europe has proven to be rather stressful of late, with many people finding themselves either stranded in far off places or stuck at home, unable to reach their holiday or business destination. It would seem that this pesky volcano is likely to keep up its disruptive activity for some time to come.

Only this last weekend, various members of my family spent a large part of one day devoted to attempting to ascertain which airport was best to head for so as to enable flying out of the UK. It is amazing how much time it actually took to work out where was best to go!

In such circumstances one has to stay calm and focused and simply work towards the best result you can achieve. There is no point spending time getting worked up or upset at the cards which fate has handed out. If you travelled on Saturday things were running as normal; by Sunday, not many flights were functioning at all. It could just as easily have been the other way around.

I have heard many people say that they are just not planning trips away; they are not booking their holidays. That to me seems a rather extreme reaction. You can still have a holiday – you just have to take more care in the holiday which you book so as to ensure that you have a back-up plan at the ready.

Some people have a more relaxed temperament than others and so can adapt more easily to stressful circumstances. Others cannot bear to have their well laid plans interfered with and then suffer masses of tension and frustration – not the best emotions to have to cope with when you actually need a very clear head to be able to identify how best to get home quickly. When you get emotionally wound up, you simply cannot think clearly, and that makes the situation a whole lot worse.

You need to know how to relax your thoughts and sooth your emotions. Then you will find that these little hiccups will not be able to get to you in the way that they used to. Relaxation is easy when you know how, and difficult when you do not. Simply by using hypnosis you can learn to calm and relax yourself in an instant. This is very handy not only when travelling, but also in every other area of your day to day life.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3s for relaxation and well-being.

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