Travelling Round Galicia – Try the Casa Grande do Soxal.

Northern Spain and Galicia offer an exceptional variety of visitor accommodation. Accommodation can be found that will fit all forms of budgets and even the most particular tourists will find something to suit their particular needs.

In this article we are going to take a look at the Casa Grande do Soxal.

Casa Grande can be found at Soxal, Cesuras – Betanzos – A CORUÑA

As of the time of the writing of this article the contact telephone number for Casa Grande is +34 981 781 557 and the fax number is unknown. If you wish to contact them via email their email address is and they do not appear to have a website at this particular time.

At the time of the writing of this article, the manager’s name to contact for information is unknown and Casa Grande has the following number of rooms: 11.

Casa Grande do Soxal stands in the parish of Bragade, a few kilometres from the town of Betanzos. Situated next to the Sanatorio Park and the River Mendo, the hamlet has all the typical charm of Galician rural life, where time passes at a slower pace. Local history, nature, and culture all come together in an area where it is very easy to lose your sense of time.

Like all Pazos, there is a fair amount of history surrounding the building and in this case it is the following. Casa Grande do Soxal is a tourist complex made up of three old farm labourers’ dwellings, a corn granary, a bakers’ oven and a barn. The oven has been turned into a wine cellar and the barn into a guest lounge. The main house where the dining room can be found is more than 150 years old. The complex has all the attributes of a first class hotel, still conserving its rural spirit.

With regards to the actual facilities that the Pazo has to offer they are as follows: 5 double rooms, 2 special double rooms, 3 single bedrooms, all rooms have ensuite facilities.

All usual mealtimes are observed at this Pazo and they are, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.

As well as the individual room facilities, this Pazo has the following shared amenities and facilities: Dining room, Restaurant, Lounge.

Outside you can find the following amenities for guests: Gardens, Vegetable gardens.

The immediate geographic location for this Pazo is as follows: Savour a home cooked meal beside the great fireplace, walk in the garden or sit down for a chat in the lounge, these were the activities enjoyed by the original inhabitants of Casa Grande do Soxal, when the house was dedicated to agriculture. Guests at the complex can breathe in the same peaceful atmosphere as two centuries ago.

With regards to the scenic location for the Pazo, it is extremely well located. Nearby, the Sanatorio Park, the River Mendo and numerous valleys in the region allow the visitor to undertake mountain walks, horse riding or observe the local flora and fauna. Historical Celtic settlements, churches, chapels and the town of Betanzos can be visited without having to wander too far away from the house..

If the above are not enough for either you or your family then you will find within close proximity the following facilities; Pony Trekking, Hiking.

All in all, not one to be missed.