Travel to Broome: The Pearl in the Wilderness

Broome situated in the extreme north of Western Australia is a fast growing city. The mix of frontier town, architecture, history and seaside resort, makes Broome a perfect place to host visitors. The architectural styles and unusual history makes it a great place to explore, with the addition of a tropical climate and fantastic beach there is something for everyone.

Shoppers can enjoy the chic art galleries, street cafes and jewel stores. Pearls are an important part of Brooms history. Many years travelers have come from far to enjoy the thriving pearl industry. The Japanese in particular settled here and today have influence on the city. Today you can see the pearl luggers at work if you take a stroll to the wharf and bays. The jewellery shops are predominantly featuring the local beauties, also take a visit to the bustling China town.

You haven’t visited Broome unless you have been to Cable Beach. This is the big attraction for many people to the city and its not surprising. There are 14 miles of the pristine sands with a tropical influence of the Indian Ocean. The beach is also enjoyed by many nudists. Swimming is good except for rainy season when the marine stingers are around between November and April.

Another good spot, especially for bird lovers is Roebuck Bay on the east of town. Ornithologists enjoy watching the shorebirds during summer at Roebuck Bay as they pass through on their annual migration from north Asia.

Transport: get there and around
Once arriving at Broome International Airport, you will find transport available to most of the surrounding towns and cities

Broom itself doesn’t offer a great deal of public transport but there is an hourly bus to Cable Beach. Due to the flat land, cycling is a good way to get around the city. Cycle for rent are easy to pick up.

There are 2 main seasons in Broome – the wet and dry season, the same as most tropical destinations. Dry season is from May to November. The wet season the temperatures can be 35C making it humid. Even through the rainy season the heavy downpours are sporadic.

Accommodation: Budget to Luxury
The internet can offer some of the best information on the cost, range and location of Broome hotels.

Local Events

  • The big event in Broome is the ‘Staircase to the Moon’. During low tide the full moon reflects off the mudflats at Roebuck Bay, appearing as though a staircase is reaching for the moon. This spectacle takes place during March to October.
  • A festival originating in the 1970’s by the Japanese called Shinju Matsuri, celebrates the importance of the Broome pearl industry. The carnival includes street parades and a ball and other cultural activities which are great for the visitor to enjoy.
  • During August enjoy Opera Under The Stars in Kimberly and Broome.