Travel Advice – Sixth Month England Vacation Plan

Planning for a vacation well ahead of time is the best way to make sure that everything is well taken care of and every minute detail is properly covered. Planning for an England vacation is no different. Schedule your departure date 6 months in advance. From here we should begin our planning.

6 months prior to travel date

Your first task is to pick a destination. There are lots of places to see in England. Each has its own unique character and appeal. But since you cannot cover them all, pick places you can in the span of days of your stay. Places can be chosen based on your interest, proximity, or budget.

With ample time, prepare all the necessary travel documents that must be needed for the trip. If you don’t have any plans to visit other European counties, then language should not be a problem. However, if you plan to include, say France for example to your itineraries, then, you should start learning the language at this point in time.

3 months prior to travel date
Three months is still a lot of time for preparation but this is the when you have to get serious about your trip. You may be still doing some things from 3 months ago at this point, however, you need to add more to your assignment and preparation like looking for the best air fare, calling travel agents and applying for a passport (if you haven’t already).

2 months prior to travel date

Well, you are probably getting exited about the trip so here are more things you can do that can keep your excitement up Start looking for hotel reservation. This is critical. Hotels can cost a lot in England so you have to make sure that the hotel you choose fits into your budget. Always book a hotel room on the date of your arrival; a long plane ride plus the time you will spend at the airport is very exhausting.

A couple of months may seem to be a long time but it can fly so fast. Before it happens choose your mode of transportation: car or train? You can lease or rent a car from reputable companies that offer services in England. If you plan to go to the mainland Europe and choose to travel by train, you can take a package where you can travel to a certain number of countries on limited days for unlimited train rides as necessary for one set price. A good tip if you want to save on lodging is to schedule your inter-city train trip during the night.

1 month prior to travel date

It’s about time to think of the things you should bring: luggage, travel insurance, money, camera, travel documents, and tickets. Do not forget your trusty pair of walking shoes. By now, you have confirmed your hotel reservation; you know your routes and itineraries; you know how to get around in England; you know the stuffs you are going to bring; and you know a thing or two about the countries you are going to visit.

Right before you leave

This is the time when everything can get crazy so you have to do your work before you fly away on your England vacation. Call your credit card company, ready your meds (if necessary), pack light, pack right, check for travel warnings and go through your packing list for the final time, rest well, and go to the airport 3 to 4 hours before departure time. Have fun!