Travel Advice – Helpful Tips On Getting Most Of Your England Vacation

England is a small country but its size can be deceiving. You might try to pack your day with many activities, spending your entire day hopping from one place to another. Take note that England roads are narrow and winding so travel time is much slower than you would have expected. Trying to do too much for too little time can be stressful and can definitely ruin your vacation. Limit your destination to a manageable level. Leave something for the next day.

No hotel for the first few hours

Upon arriving in London early morning (if you booked an overnight flight from the United States), you can stay at the airport for the first few hours, wash up and probably change clothes. Hotels charge the full amount regardless of the check-in time, heading towards your hotel from the airport can be very expensive (rooms are often unavailable until 3 in the afternoon). If you are renting a car, you can store your luggage in your car and head directly to your destination. If you are staying in the city, you can make arrangements to store your bags at the hotel until your room is ready. On the first day, keep your activities light. This is the best time to take the double-decker bus tour. Do not take a nap when the room is ready. What you should do is wash up, eat an early dinner, go to be early, and get ready for the second day.

Take the double-decker bus tours

This is the best way to go around the city of London. You can choose between the Big Bus Company and the Original Tour. Their buses are designed for sightseeing and touring the city.

Combine bed and travel

This goes to those who plan to visit other European countries aside from England. Sleeping while in transit is the best way to save travel time as well as money. However, this doesn’t mean catching a few hours of sleep while on board a train or a plane. You can take inter-city trains that offer sleeping cabins for overnight trips. Make sure to take any available options when traveling long distances.

Do not spend your entire time in London

A week stay in London is long enough to visit most of its attractions, theaters, and museums, but it is a big mistake if you don’t go outside the city. Not only you will miss lots of sights, you will also be limited to one part of the country. And since the best side of England is seen in the countryside and villages make sure that a good amount of time of your vacation is allocated in exploring the country.

What you will miss if you stay in London for your entire vacation: Roman Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Lake District, York, Windsor Castle, Stratford-upon-Avon, and a lot more.

Rent a car

There is no better way to roam around England than by traveling at your own pace, eating whenever you like, stopping anytime to take snapshots of the countryside and staying where you please as long as you like. These things can only be done by renting a car.

Car rental is best if done with two or more people. And it is often the least expensive option especially if the expenses in gas, paying tolls, insurance and parking fees are shared.