Travel Advice – England Vacation Traveling Solo

The words England, vacation and solo do not seem to sound good the first time you hear them used in one phrase. But who says that it is not okay to travel solo? If it is considered as a deep emotional and social problem, traveling solo that is, then it is still not your problem. Who cares if you will spend your vacation alone? So what if you stand at the sidewalk of the Westminster Bridge and take a picture of yourself? ‘Solo travel’, after all doesn’t mean that you travel ‘all by yourself, the whole time, always alone’.

Unless you are planning to stay away from all the human beings (which is not possible on an England vacation), you have all the time to mingle and meet up with locals and other tourists. So don’t be afraid if you don’t know anyone in England. What is important is you take this opportunity to be with your own company while giving chances of meeting others in the process.

Here are the simple reasons why traveling solo is cool and why you should try it:

You are in complete control of your time – where to eat, what to eat, what time to eat, where to sleep, where to go and how long will you stay in one stop. You are the itinerary.

You are in control of your budget. Meaning, you do not have to force yourself to pay for the attraction that you do not like.

Making friends is much easier. If you travel alone, you are less intimidating and much approachable than couples or groups. The best thing is you can have as much friends as you want.

Your friends and family back home are waiting for your stories. And since no one can check the facts, you can exaggerate stories at will.

You are free to try something anytime you want. And you are freer to try it over and over again.

You don’t have to drag someone to a place you want to visit; and, no one will drag you either to a place you don’t want to see.

You discover new places, foods, pastime and skills that you might not have tried if you are with a companion.

You can make last minute changes without having to consult someone.

Finally, traveling solo rocks! Period.

ACTIVITIES, PLACES and ATTRACTIONS you can do and visit when traveling solo:

The British Museum – appreciate the art at your own pace; at your own time.

The London Eye – be marveled at the 360-degree view of the city on board London’s only observation wheel.

Guided double-deck bus tour – the ultimate sightseeing experience with entertaining guides and curious seatmates.

The Buckingham Palace – if you can, meet the queen. If not, take a tour of the Music room, Throne room, Dining room, Royal Mews stables and Queen’s gallery.

The Parliament and Big Ben – the signature architecture in London you can only see in postcards and photos. See them in real life, they are as impressive.

Thames boat tour – it is best if done at night. With calm water and the serenity of the surroundings, it is an ideal London date. Bring your newly-found friend for a romantic dinner.

Finally, try different kinds of afternoon tea and evenings at different pubs that wrap up your England vacation.