Travel Advice – England Vacation – Travel Facts

Small details can be overlooked when preparing for an England vacation. Here, we will discuss important things that seem to be unimportant but are crucial to know:

Capital City (Largest Cities)
London (Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle)

Travel requirements
Citizens of the United States as well as Australia and Canada do not need visas. Passports are only needed when traveling to England.

Time Zone and Time Difference
GMT – Greenwich Meridian Time. Daylight Saving time is observed from the last Saturday of March to the last Saturday of October. England is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight time and 6 hours ahead of Central Daylight time.

Official Language

Telephone Code
Country code: 44 (England)
City code: 20 (London)

Voltage requirement
220 Volts

Do not confuse yourself with the way they write number digits. Commas are used instead of period; while periods are used instead of commas. So if you see 1.000 euros, it means one thousand (1000) euros and 1,50 kilometers should be read as one and a half (1 1/5) kilometers.

Remember: 1lb. is roughly around 0.5 kilogram; 1 mile is roughly around 1.6 kilometers; and 1 pint is about 0.5 liter.

England still uses its local currency (pound) but euros are also accepted. One pound is equivalent to 100 pence (p). Coins are at 5p, 10p, 20p, and 50p. 1 pound coins are also in circulation. 5 pound is the lowest paper money. Be careful when using the local currency even if it is in the decimal system. One pound is roughly equivalent to 2 U.S. dollars. (Check for the current exchange rate before leaving.)

England experiences temperate climate throughout the year. Almost half of the year is overcast. Rain showers should be expected anytime because of the prevailing wind from the south-west. Always bring a rain coat or an umbrella even if you are visiting in summer. Unlike other countries, summers in England are not very warm, with temperatures that rarely go beyond 80F. It is much colder during winter but still comfortable. Winter temperatures rarely go down to 30F. Weather during spring and fall are still pleasant. Northern England is relatively cooler than southern England. East is the driest region of England. Before leaving, check England weather forecast for the duration of your trip.

Cities and town are connected with motorways. Bus services are available to bring you from one place to another. Taxi services are available in major cities. London’s underground railway system, or more commonly called, the ‘tube’ is the nerve of the city. Suburban railway system is available in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and the cities in Newcastle and South Yorkshire.

Local Customs
English are polite, punctual and self-disciplined. And they expect others, even tourists, to act accordingly. It is impolite to stare at other people. Shaking hands when meeting people are customary. Kissing and hugging as a sign of greeting should be limited to close friends and relatives. Although locals dress casually out of work, you are expected to wear a jacket on more formal occasions and restaurants. It is also customary to bring small gift, usually wine and flowers, when invited to a house for dinner.

Ten percent of the total amount of service should be given to cab drivers, railway porters, sightseeing guides and hairdressers.