Travel Advice – England Vacation On A Budget

It is almost given that when one speaks of an England vacation, it gives an impression of an expensive trip. Thus, many who dream of visiting the British Museum, cheering for the football team Manchester United, taking a road trip to Stonehenge and other English cities and countryside remain as a dream for they don’t have the money to pay for the trip. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are techniques to keep your expensive low without compromising the total English experience.

Pick a good time to go – Cities in England, during high-season can provide the best weather and extra hours of daytime. However, places can be too crowded and too expensive. Off-season on the other hand can be very wet but, hey if you want to save on plane tickets and accommodation or if you want a less crowded vacation with a different English experience, this one is for you.

Shop for cheap plane tickets – Plane tickets can cover a big chunk of your travel budget so it is only fitting that if we want to cut big on expenses, one of the first things we should be concerned of is buying cheap plane tickets. Search online. There are lots of travel agency sites that offer good deals both on early bookings and last minute flight reservation.

Travel by train (if you plan to visit other European countries) – Europe is a fairly small continent and getting from one country to another only requires a few hours of train ride. So instead of booking for expensive plane tickets, requiring yourself to be at the airport early, going through a rigorous security procedures, waiting for a flight, and experiencing the same old boring plane ride, take the train. Not only you will see the countryside between cities, you can also by package where you can travel to a certain number of countries on limited days for unlimited train rides as necessary for one set price.

Skip the fancy hotel – We are all victims of luxury but if we want to stretch our vacation dollar in England, we should quit browsing for fancy hotels online. A night stay can cost more than what you earn in a week. So instead of star-rated hotels, prefer cheap dorm beds and budget chain hotels. They offer your basic requirement in accommodation. After all, when you arrive in England, you would not spend most your time in your hotel room. Search for cheap hotels online to get the best rate.

Skip the fancy restaurants – Aside from visiting infamous sites, tasting the local flavor is perhaps one of the better things to experience in England. However, if you choose to eat at fancy restaurants and local caf?s that are flocked by tourists, be prepared. A typical lunch in a fancy restaurant and even in unsuspicious caf?s can cost you big time. A good way to save on food is to eat where locals eat. Don’t look just for a restaurant, watch where common people are going during lunch time. They can lead you to where delectable foods are, without the cost.

Finally, follow the road less traveled – An England vacation may be defined by the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. But the truth is there is more to England than these infamous sites. I am not saying that you skip the places you to visit.

What I mean is, there are lots of things to do in England that are inexpensive and equally enjoyable.