Travel Advice – England Vacation Money Saving Tips

It makes no sense to spend an entire savings on an England vacation even if there are ways to stretch your budget. Yes, visiting English cities and sites can be expensive but that doesn’t mean that you go all in with your money. Here are the best ways on how to save money while on vacation:

Plan your trip carefully. This includes the time of your visit and the places you are planning to visit. You have two choices when deciding the season of your trip: high-season and low-season. High-season is during summer. It is the best time to visit the cities in England because of extra hours of daylight and almost no chance of rain. However, traveling during this time can be very expensive. Cities can be crowded. Hotels may be fully booked. And you may experience long queues when going to a popular destination.

Low-season may be an unorthodox time to visit English cities since the weather can be unforgiving. But most would say that they are willing to trade good weather for an inexpensive flight, discounted hotel accommodation, less-crowd cities and a unique vacation experience.

If you want to take advantage of high-season weather and low-season rates, you may want to go a few weeks before the high-season changeover. You have to do your homework and find which cities offer the best rates at the best times.

It is equally important to choose your destination well in order to get the most out of your money. Since major cities and tourist spots in England are few hours apart, you need to choose your itineraries well. Example, on your first day, you can take a guided tour around the city of London. On your next day, rent a car and drive to the Stonehenge while making stops in Salisbury and other towns and countryside along the way.

If you want to visit other countries, spend the night on the train. Not only you will save on accommodation, spending a night on a train that will take you from one city to another will surely cut your travel time and gain one more day for exploration. To save on meals, bring snacks and meal on the train as dining car prices are often very expensive. Water can come in handy if you do not sleep well on the train to alleviate hangover.

Also, a good tip to remember if you choose to travel by train is to take a package where you can travel to a certain number of countries on limited days for unlimited train rides as necessary for one set price. Take note of the countries where train packages are honored. If you are not traveling, you can spend the night in budget chain hotels. They may just be offering the basic services it can save you big bucks.

Eat like the locals. Fancy restaurants that are flocked by tourists are very attractive. It can be very expensive too. Look where and what the locals usually eat. They can point you to restaurants and diners that offer great food without the cost. It is also a good idea to maintain your daily eating habits. If a cup of coffee and some toasts can keep you full throughout the day at home, why not keep it that way?