Travel Advice – England Vacation Miscellaneous Travel Tips

If you frequently go to England and a self-proclaimed seasoned traveler, the last thing you want is for this article to sound as if your mother knocks from your front door and as soon as she enters, she starts enumerating things that you should do while on an England vacation like a litany that never ends. But if you are like most guys out there who is traveling to England for the first time, then you probably still would mind your mother barging to your house but consider this article helpful. Here are the things you should know before going to England:

Hotels in London
When you visit England, do not spend all your nights in London if you have plans to visit other places. London hotels are outrageously expensive. Even the grungiest hotels cost $150 a night. Do not accept travel package that includes nights in London and day tours outside the city.

No hotels upon arrival or at least on the first few hours
If you are on an overnight flight, you will arrive in London early morning. Instead of checking in a hotel and paying the full amount for a few hours, you can stay, rest and wash up at the airport.

Guided Tours
If it is available, take guided tours at most attractions, especially if it is your first visit.

Public Manners
British people are in general, well-mannered, polite and self-disciplined. Basic respect is expected.

You can observe this in parks and other public places: British people keep their distance from one another. This is to respect someone else’s privacy and space. If you are on a train, on a bus or in a public attraction, keep these in mind. It is also impolite to stare at other people.

Bed and Breakfast
B&Bs are the England’s version of America’s Motels. They are relatively cheaper compared to hotels. B&Bs are clean, convenient, comfortable and hospitable. Be ready to share bathrooms with other guests.

Before you call the manager or storm the kitchen, you have to understand that English cooks food differently from what Americans understand. So always remember that

England, unlike other European countries, is not known for their food.

“Salad” doesn’t mean something with mayonnaise. “Salad” means something with greens. So when you order a “shrimp salad”, don’t expect to get “shrimp with mayonnaise”, instead, expect shrimp with tossed green salad.

Butter is used in most sandwiches instead of mayonnaise; eggs are fried in the in oil until crisp and brown; toasts are crisps all throughout, but cooled; sausages are like hot dogs, bready and mild; bacon is soft, similar to Canadian bacon; baked beans are considered breakfast food.

Safety and security
Unlike the usual neighborhood in the United States, England is a very safe place. You can roam around anywhere, anytime of the day without having to worry a bit. The worst crime you can ever experience, if you will experience a crime (I am not wishing that you do) is pickpocketing. To be safe, do not flaunt your wealth. If you feel uncomfortable to the place, trust your gut and turn around.

It might be an obsession but a good one, English people like to form orderly queues in everything they that needs to be queued on and they expect tourists to practice it. Jumping ahead of your turn is a no-no.