Travel Advice – England Vacation – Get A Taste Of London

An England vacation is something that you should anticipate. Why? Read on and find out what places will surely make your stay worth it!

The Tower of London. It keeps the world renowned Crown Jewels. This is the very site wherein the famous historical icons of England had been imprisoned and executed. The names of the Duke of Norfolk, Katherine Howard, and Anne Boleyn, among others make up the list.

The Tower Bridge. This served as the entry point of the Thames. The museum allows the visitors a good look of the city as they pass by the old yet memorable pedestrian paths.

The London Eye. Also one of the major attractions, it had been crafted by the British Airways. The gigantic Ferris Wheel includes about 32 capsules which lets the people take a glimpse of the entire city by up to 360 degrees. Visitors of all ages are surely going to enjoy a visit to this theme park.

The Westminster Abbey. Known to be a religious venue, this had been labeled as the official site for the coronation of the English monarchs and likewise their own burial.

The British Museum. Art lover or not, you will love this art and history museum. It stores the widest collections of all antiquities from Greece, Rome, and Asia. The artifacts from the ancient and prehistoric Britain are also housed in here.

The Buckingham Palace. The home of none other than but the British Royal Family, it is always entertaining to see the changing of the guards which is known to be one of the city’s best attractions.

The Houses of Parliament. A combination of three big attractions, this location lets you see the House of the Commons, the House of Lords, and the awesome Big Ben. Its Gothic architecture has been inspired from the Victorian Age.

The National Gallery. If you want to see the greatest collections of European paintings, then better grab the chance of going to the National Gallery.

St. Paul’s Cathedral. Another historic site, the Cathedral had been a witness to several memorable events such as the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales and the funeral of Winston Churchill. Rebuilt by none other than Christopher Wren in the year 1710, it houses a 530-stair high gallery and provides a breathtaking view of the city itself.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Also considered to be a historical site, this had been the venue of the genius, undying, and timeless plays of Shakespeare. The site is a perfect one for a cultural vacation since it is the exact replica of the original Globe Theater which burned down.

The Trafalgar Square and the Admiralty Arch. This monument is built in honor of the much respected maritime heroes of England. The statue of Lord Horatio Nelson is featured in the monument and it towers at about 145 feet high. It is likewise regarded as the centermost portion of the city of London. Across this landmark stands the Admiralty Arch which had been built in 1910.

Sir John Soane’s Museum. Its architectural design is indeed eccentric that it embodies a rich blending of colors, perspectives, and various ornaments that date from varying historical eras.

Notting Hill. Popularized by the film starred by Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, this district gives a comfy feeling of a tiny village without forgetting the sense of fashion and trendiness.

All these and more await you as you venture into an England vacation!