Trapped by depression?

Copyright 2006 Stan Lewis

If you have a sound sense of purpose for your life, it is more difficult for you to find yourself trapped by depression the hustle and bustle of today’s workplace. The way to have this sound sense of purpose is to have an understanding of priorities, set your priorities, and maintain your priorities by setting reasonable life goals.

Depression is a state of unhappiness and hopelessness. With depression, comes feelings of dejection, lack of energy, sleeplessness, and, sometimes, suicidal tendencies. Depression is a trap that can catch you in two different ways. First, it can wear on you when you do not know what your sense of purpose is. Second, when you have a purpose, but, for whatever reason, you have lost focus regarding your purpose in life.

When you do not know what your sense of purpose in life you have no direction for your life. At best this will leave you with feelings of uncertainty and at worst it will leave you with feelings of hopelessness. It is important that you pray about your purpose in life. That you seek out your personal gifts or talents and then develop them. As you both develop your skills and seek God’s will, God will point you towards your niche in life. It is also important to set your priorities of God first, then your spouse & family, your job, your personal ministry, etc. This will help to keep you focused as you carry out God’s purpose for your life.

When we lose focus in our lives, it is usually because we have, in some way, disregarded our priorities. God needs to be first among our priorities. His word says we are to love God with all of our heart and all of our might.

Our next priority should be our spouse (or if your single, your family). In both words and action, we need to keep them readily aware that they are loved, cherished and important. We most make “quality” time to pour ourselves into our spouse and our children lives.

Next should be our jobs. Many would think that our personal ministry would come next, but that is not so. Our job is our means to support God’s house with tithes/offerings and to support our families. We should do our jobs as if we are working for God himself. That means always seeking to personally grow and develop your talents.

Lastly you should find a place in God’s house to serve others and give of yourself. When you open yourself to serve others, God will give you direction as to where to serve. You will get more out of it than you ever put into serving others.

There are forces in this world that will affect your thinking. Once this is done, Satan will seek to change your focus. If he can change your focus, he can affect your emotions. No longer are you pursuing your purpose through your priorities. The further and further you move from your purpose, the more it will bring negative emotions to surface. The negative emotions expose you to the abrasive nature of unhappiness and hopelessness. As unhappiness and hopelessness wear away at you, you begin to lose energy and the ability to find peace – to be at rest.

This is the trap of depression and it is something that many of us can slide into. Sometimes it’s a slow slide and sometimes it is a rapid slide into depression, but if unchanged it can have a devastating effect upon not only you, but those who are close to you.

So ask God for direction in your life. There is no woman or man, which God has not given a gift or talents to. You need to discover the marvelous talents he has given you. Then develop and grow them with a personal coach or mentor. Then set your priorities and life goals so that you have a positive focus for your life. There is a saying, “…it is hard to stop a good man that keeps on coming.” Ladies – men, it is going to be hard to stop you if you maintain your purpose and priorities. If you are feeling lost, then set yourself free by setting priorities and goals for yourself. After doing so, stick with your priorities – your goals and you will find that you have escaped the trap of depression. Maintaining your focus with Godly purposes and priorities will greatly aid you in avoiding the snare of depression.