Transitions, Transformation & Transcendence

It is fascinating to observe nature during this miraculous time of spring and re-birth. Buds that promise life are emerging from lifeless trees, mother robins nurture the nests that will produce new flight, and flowers are popping up out of nowhere, providing the long awaited color and fragrance of spring. And then there is the birth of a butterfly…

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.”-Richard Bach, American author

The gestation period for this miraculous event from beginning to end, is approximately two weeks (Kathleen Pearce, Beautiful Painted Ladies). A female butterfly lays her egg, which contains a tiny caterpillar that immediately begins to grow. Following a steady diet of leaves and greens, the caterpillar finds a safe place to rest. And then, using the magical equipment built into its’ tiny mouth, s/he begins to spin a silken pad from which to suspend. Next, the caterpillars’ skin literally splits open from head to abdomen, exposing a glossy green encasement otherwise known as a chrysalis.

Inside this wondrous container, astonishing events begin to take place. The caterpillar literally starts to melt down into liquid form, preparing for its transition. During this breathtaking process every molecule is being transformed while simultaneously joining with its’ neighbor to craft the perfect sequence of events that will produce the glorious butterfly. Once formed, this amazing creature will slowly, painstakingly begin to nudge and prod its’ way out of purgatory.

The progression of every stage of growth flowing flawlessly into the next is critical to the butterfly’s development. It literally will not survive if any part of the process is interrupted. For even as it struggles to be liberated from its transitory home, so is it simultaneously being strengthened for ascension-building the necessary “muscle” required for future flight.

Finally, it emerges, wet, weary, and worn-out-nonetheless, a magnificent butterfly, which after a few hours will forget the struggle and soar into the unknown.

And so if a caterpillar can transform into a butterfly, what are you waiting for?

Nature provides the perfect model for transformation: Rest-melt-suspend-strengthen-transcend-each stage building on the last-no interruptions, no forcing-just allowing.

The timing is perfect for a new you-it is the season of rebirth and all. So let every butterfly you see from now on be a reminder of the master that is you. Time to fly.