Trane heat pumps, The #1 choice for heat pump replacement

Trane heat pumps are probably the most reliable heat pumps built today. They are not just a bunch of parts thrown together but a complete heating and cooling system featuring the most advanced and current technologies available.

Trane heat pumps are unique in that they are built to last. You can expect your Trane heat pump to provide years of worry free service. This is one of the reasons Trane is the most sought after heat pump on the market.

The efficiency rating of Trane heat pumps are also quite impressive. Even at the lowest end of their product line, the heating and cooling efficiency is impressive. Some of their current model lineup includes the XL19i and XL16i on the top end. The XL15i and XL14i in the middle of the pack, and on the lower end of the model lineup, but don’t confuse lower end with lack of quality, you have the XR14 and XR13 units. All units provide outstanding heating and cooling.

The efficiency rating of Trane heat pumps rivals any on the market ranging from 6.8 to 9.85 HPSF and 10.00 to 17.65 (SEER RATING)

Trane heat pumps traditionally come with a digital thermostat which can really save you money by allowing you to program the times of day to heat and cool your home. They are very accurate and can save you a lot of money on your heating bill. Other features are the air cleaner to filter our airborne particles such as dust and the air handler which circulates the air throughout your home.

The exact equipment that comes with your Trane heat pump is really up to you Some option may not be available in all areas of the country, and labor charges will vary depending on the contractor you hire to do the installation. Never attempt to install a heat pump yourself.

The first generation of heat pumps have earned a very poor reputation for heating. You’ve probably heard people telling you stories of how their heat pump blows out cold air in the winter. Well, there is some truth to these stories, but these stories only apply to the old generation of heat pumps. The latest generation of Trane heat pumps can rival gas heating in almost any climate except the coldest climates.

My wife and I were recently in the market for a new heat pump as our old faithful had almost 20 years on it, and it was really chugging along to keep the use cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We wanted to replace it before it made us replace it. We did a lot of research and decided to install a Trane XR13. while it is on the lower end of the efficiency scale, it is so much better than our old heat pump. IN winter, the air actually comes out warm.