Training Tips From Cedrick Harris, Online MLM Legend

Cedrick Harris is one of the most unique leaders in the MLM profession, possessing both the skill set and the knowledge to create organizations both on and off the internet. There are a lot of leaders in the MLM profession who can perform well, but there are not very many who have the unique ability to both perform and to teach their group the proper skill set to enable them to succeed on their own. Cedrick Harris is among such individuals.

The purpose of this article is to briefly share some of the pointers that I’ve got from working with Cedrick, in the hope that it will help you to both expand and succeed in your business.

First, although Cedrick does market his business online, he is a strong proponent of personally connecting with your prospects. In fact, in ever conversation that I’ve had with Cedrick, he’s emphasized the need to connect with your prospects one on one as much as humanly possible. He’s a brilliant communicator, and understand that in order to truly stand out to your potential recruits, you’ve got to personalize your message and present yourself in a way that is in alignment with your prospect’s goals.

Second, Cedrick teaches that no matter how you’re building your business, you’ve got to have adequate lead flow in order to be able to reach your goals marketing your business. He quotes the well known saying in our industry that “you’ve got to have more leads than you have time.” In demonstrating this principle, I have to point out that Cedrick has a consistent daily lead flow in his own business, and walks his talk in this arena.

Third, Cedrick understands the principle of momentum and leadership. In speaking with him recently, he pointed out the need that a leader has to demonstrate to his organization the critical skills that are neccessary in order to grow a successful team by ‘walking the walk’ and personally producing in your own business.

In review, Cedrick Harris is definately one of the best leaders in the internet world, and he is someone you can definately learn the critical skills from in order to succeed in your online business. Just be sure if you’re going to get involved with Cedrick in any of his many ventures that you do your research, and make sure you’re committed to developing the skills you need to create lasting success.