Training The Subconscious Mind: 3 Secrets To Unlock Its Power

Training the subconscious mind can reap powerful benefits. By now, we all know that the subconscious can unlock certain abilities in ourselves and change the way we look at certain things.

What used to be an unexplored realm is now something we can all access. There are a lot of books and articles on the subject; but for now, why don’t you check out these starter tips?

Learn the secrets to training the subconscious mind now!

Secret # 1: Positive Affirmations

The easiest way to whip your subconscious mind into shape is to recite positive affirmations everyday.

If you are a salesperson, tell yourself, “I am an effective salesperson. I am one of the best in my branch. Customers like and trust me.”

If you are a writer, tell yourself, “I am a brilliant writer. Creative ideas come to me easily. I inspire others.”

Do this when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. This propels your subconscious into thinking a certain way.

Secret # 2: Triggers

Even the smallest things trigger reactions. Seeing a person wearing a blue jacket, for example, might remind you of a fond childhood memory. Or hearing a certain song might trigger happy feelings.

When it comes to training the subconscious mind, you can take advantage of your reactions and have control over the way you see things.

The next time that you’re feeling happy, try rubbing your hands together or spraying on a certain kind of scent. Do this every time you feel happy and soon, every time you rub your hands together or spray on perfume, you’ll elicit that same feeling in you.

Secret # 3: Audio CDs

Audio CDs are also a great help when training the subconscious mind. You might find the idea of other people speaking to you while you sleep or while you do other things more effective.

There are a lot of these CDs being sold on the market. However, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can also try recording your own positive affirmations on a CD and listen to that.

Training the subconscious mind will do wonders for the way you see life and go about your everyday routine. Changing your belief system is not something done overnight. You can’t tell yourself that you’re on top of your company’s list of performing managers and then expect results the next day.

The subconscious can be terribly stubborn; but by gradually ingraining new beliefs into it, the impossible becomes possible.