Training For Conditioning And Weight Loss

I’ve got a new workout routine for you today. It’s all about getting ripped and in excellent condition for the summer. So for those of you that want a workout routine to lose weight or simply cut up for the summer this is it.

In this first part of the workout routine, you will see fat burning exercises for the chest, back, core and thighs. There is a very heavy cardio component to this workout as well that takes care of the fat burning nicely.

The chest is worked by the pushups. Here is the proper exercise form description on how to do pushups in your routine properly.

Lying facedown on the floor, place your palms next to your chest a little wider than shoulder width apart. Keeping your body straight, lift up until you are supported on your hands and the balls of your feet. Press up until your arms are extended, then lower your body. Remember; keep your body straight and back flat. This is a keeper for those body weight workouts.

Now the version of the pushup we are doing in this workout has a row included to work the back. Make sure you keep your core really tight and legs pretty wide so you don’t fall over. As you can see in the video, you can do the exercise on your knees as well until you can do the full version.

For the lower body and thighs, we have a side step lunge. This is different than the regular back or front step lunge that you would normally use in your workout. You step behind and to the side. This version really targets the butt. If you really want to hit that area, then take a look at our glutes and butt workout page.

In between our resistance training part of the workout we throw in some step work. This is also a pretty great butt and thigh burner but that’s not the main point. This is to work your cardio and conditioning so you can get ripped. Once you get in shape, you will almost think of the stepper as your break.

I also thought I would put up a clip of a mostly bodyweight exercises conditioning class that falls into the bootcamp style. We throw in some weights now and then to the bodyweight exercises just to add a little suck to the conditioning.

We have a riot doing this. Everyone can benefit from this style of conditioning. You can see a couple MMA guys, some moms losing weight and weekend warriors that want to kick butt.

There is a total mish mash of bodyweight exercises in here. Everyone does the best they can and sometimes a bit of sloppy form slips in when people get tired. I try my best to stay on top of it. The real key is to push yourself past what you did last time. When working with bodyweight exercises to get your conditioning up you have to take baby steps. At first it may be pushups on your knees and then before you know it, you are doing muscle ups.

Here are some of the bodyweight exercises you can include in your own conditioning workout for performance or weight loss.

1) Hopping pushups with variations

2) Jumping lunges

3) Knees and Jumping Jacks for rest

4) Jumping Chin ups

5) Dips to pushups

6) Hampster wheels (that is what I call them!)

7) Sit-ups

8) Overhead Squats And Front Squats

If this kind of training is your cup of tea, let us see some of what you do. Take a pop by our fitness forum and share your best workouts with others so we can all become machines of fitness.