Train Your Dog To Be “The Good Dog”

It is now well know that when you use positive thoughts and approaches to dog obedience training, your dog will enjoy his training and reward you with good behavior. Treating your dog with kindness and respect will determine how he will learn and behave during training.

This is unlike some of the once widely used dog training methods which included inflicting pain, intimidation and inhumane aversion training methods, including electric shock collars.

Dog may not have a lot of brain power, but they understand love. This is what you need to give when you are doing dog obedience training. Sometime people try to force change in others and this does not work and it does not work with dogs either. Once you understand this, your training will take new leaps.

Here are more tips and ideas that you can use to do dog training. Don’t try to train your dog on a lot of different commands in the first day. Only work on one command so your dog does not get confused.

1. Do dog training with good rewards. While your dog does like being praised and getting a pat on the head, this will only go so far in training your dog to behave well. To really keep your dog’s attention, you need to use food rewards. These are what dog trainers call “primary incentives” – and every dog owner knows how food-motivated a dog can be!

2. Give rewards at the right time. Timing is everything when you are training your dog. Give a command, if he follows it, give him a reward immediately. Delayed rewards will get confused training results. You dog will not know what to do to get that reward. You will lose control of your dog obedience training session.

You can use a helper to train your dog, called a clicker. This clicker is a metal device that you hold in your hand. But don’t be clicking it when you are not training. When you tell your dog to do something, “no jump” and he stops jumping, click the clicker and immediately give your dog a reward. The clicker can be an effective train tool, since it combines your voice, the click, and a reward for your dog.

A click is not a necessity for dog training. If you have a strong voice you can use voice like clicker. Use a comment like “yes”, “good boy”, with a voice tone that is happy, loving, and strong. Be consistent with the words you use. Do not change from one phrase to another.

When you train your dog obedience commands, decide if you want to use a clicker or a verbal command. Use whatever you have decided you like to work with and maintain it throughout your dog training.

So many times, you make think your dog is almost human by what it does and how it reacts. Dogs have survival instincts that can be activated immediately. But since it can only comprehend a few words, you need to be patient, when you train your dog. Over time with repetition, your dog will begin to understand what you mean and want.

Use love and understanding during your dog obedience training is what you want to do. You dog will sense if you are upset and angry. If he senses love, he will respond and try to make you happy by trying to do what you want. Take your time and love your dog and both of you will survive the training sessions.