Train the Trainer, Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

In a world of get-rich-quick schemes and self help books that promise to make you rich and feel worthy at the same time, it’s difficult sometimes to separate quality information from hype. So, when a friend told me about an upcoming seminar that promised this kind of life-changing information I approached it initially with a lot of skepticism.

I certainly had no idea what to expect since the hype surrounding the event was simply massive. However, since the course was free, my wife and I figured well, we’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain; including a nice weekend trip to Montreal.

From the first minute we entered the room we were totally engulfed in energy. It was a huge hotel ballroom with over two thousand people in attendance. There was a simple but attractive stage with two large projection screens which straddled each side.

As the speaker began you could just feel the energy and abundance of knowledge. This was indeed a master speaker at work. He paced everything just right. There were group exercises, self-evaluations, dancing, breaks, music, tons of valuable information and of course selling. The entire three days were performed with mastery beyond anything I had ever seen.

Now, as a concert pianist, I’ve had a lot of experience with logistics including; staging, lighting, music, sound and staffing support. All of which has to be well coordinated to have the desired affect with audiences. But, this show was beyond excellent. It was superb. The end result? I heard that these guys made two million dollars in that one weekend.

Think about it for a second. They put two thousand people in a room for three days and they walk away with over two million in sales.

I learned a lot in those three days but I knew I wanted to learn more about how they do what they do. So, when the opportunity came up to purchase one of their courses that teach exactly how they do it, I leapt at the chance. I grabbed my credit card and ran to the back to sign up.

I always thought I was a pretty good entertainer. In fact, the newspaper and magazine reviews would always comment on my entertainment style. But Train the Trainer I would teach me how to take that to the next level. When I arrived to Vancouver for the 4 day intensive I found 300 eager people looking to hone their skills in public speaking. I wanted to master the craft of entertainment. As I suspected, over the next few days I did learn large amounts of valuable information that would help master the art of entertainment. Things like how to read a room and how to shift an audience’s energy. In short, I learned how to engage and enroll an audience 100% of the time. Most importantly, they taught me how to make an offer. They also taught us how to put bums in seats, how to produce a successful event and how to leverage a success to obtain another.

Needless to say, Train the Trainer I was a remarkable experience for me. I came home so inspired that I self-produced a Christmas Concert where I sold 322 CD’s to an audience of 600 persons. That’s more than 50% of the people that went home with product that need. So, I had learned how to make a great offer from the stage. Train the Trainer cost me over five thousand dollars, but in one night I sold enough product to cover that cost. My return on investment had only begun.

The following few months I would be afforded opportunities to speak, perform more concerts, and offer tele-seminars and intensive training sessions on subjects that were close to me both personally and professionally. One thing I had learned is that you could only teach what you know and what you have had success at. Therefore, I chose to teach about my successes such as internet marketing, public speaking, personal development, tinnitus and much more.

My audiences grew exponentially and my online sales more than quadrupled! The more I put into practice what Peak Potentials taught me, the more I felt a sense of mastery I never experienced before in both my concerts and seminars. And with that growing self-mastery came the financial goals I was striving for which what is brought me to the Millionaire Mind Intensive in the first place.

I admire both T. Harv and Peak Potentials for the level of production and sophistication they have brought to their seminar business. I continue to be grateful to them for introducing me to a whole new way of entertaining and educating audiences. I went to them to help me become a better entertainer. Instead, I walked away with both personal and professional skills that helped me achieve higher heights as a father, husband, entertainer, money manager, public speaker and trainer. And so, I too became inspired to take that valuable information and pass it on.