Traffic Generation-The Myth Exposed.

The #1 problem that network marketers face is lack of quality leads. The big myth is, “If I can just create more traffic to my website it will disentangle my business problems”.

That is the farthest thing from the truth possible. The fact is, traffic is easy to generate. With all of the marketing methods we have nowadays on the web there are tons of venue’s to advertise with and traffic is easy to come by.

The question that network marketers should be asking but don’t is….Can I get a drum roll..… What do I do with that traffic once it gets to me?

Marketers forget about several crucial items, especially when getting started. This is critical. Make sure that you have personally branded and positioned yourself online before going after traffic.

We live in an information age and people’s lives, due to the internet, are an open book. You would be surprised what I can find out about you online. So, here it my point. People are going to check you out before they do business with you. So I have to ask. When you Google yourself, what comes up on the first 5 pages of Google? For most people, not them.

No matter what kind of online business your in, you should own the first 5 pages of Google for your name. It’s Not hard to do, but it does take some effort. You see if you don’t own your name on the search engines, it’s very easy for someone else to. All kinds of stuff can show up on your name. Delinquent bills, liens and any public information about you.

Ok, now back to the topic. So before you start marketing and before you turn on any pay per click traffic, you want to position yourself online so when people search on you, they find YOU!

OK, now what happens once you have a lead? You can generate all the leads you want but if you don’t connect with those people, they are just leads and not potential business partners or customers.

This is where most people drop the ball. They have not educated themselves on how to connect with people on the phone and close them.

You see, it’s not about you. Most marketers are struggling so they are in essence desperate to make a sale or commission so it’s all about them.

The savvy marketer is always good at asking a lot of questions and finding out what his prospect is looking for. In this industry like any other, we are solution providers.

To wrap it all up here, lay your foundation first. Get comfortable with talking to people on the phone and interviewing them. Uncover what the underlying desire is and then offer them the solution. If you find you are not a right fit, let them go.

It’s not about you getting one, it’s about helping someone change their life.

Warm Regards,

Josh Boxer