Tracey Walker – How to Turn Strangers into Friends and Customers

I recently participated in an amazing webinar with Tracey Walker where she reviewed her simple but effective formula for attracting an unlimited number of leads and business partners.

Tracey is the top female earner in MLM Lead System Pro and she is at the very top of all of MLSP. She has attracted 14,000+ visitors to her blog and she has sponsored more than 100 new distributors in the last 12 months. All this after only a year in intenet marketing. Tracey Walker is an amazing leader and someone to watch.

Tracey Walker Says:

Your number one job is SALES! Your main product for sale is YOU! Sell yourself before you sell your business or your products or your company or your business opportunity. People join people they enjoy and have confidence in, so sell YOU, Incorporated!

Next, Tracey wants you to develop trust. Talk to people and you’ll begin earning their trust. Chat with people on social networks and offer them a reason to talk to you. Trust develops from the relationships that you create with these conversations. You must get to know people and develop a relationship with them.

Having someone’s trust leads to making the sale. If you lack trust, you will lack an income!

Tracey Walker Says: Your lack of income is because your prospects don’t trust you enough. YET.

The good thing is, so many are searching for a great guide to help them to get to their goals. Don’t stop here – this is easier than you might think.

You need to know your sales cycle – there is a process with a beginning and an end. Your results will improve dramatically if you have a method to help progress your prospect through that sales cycle.

Within your system you will give your prospective customer valueable content. You prospect will sign up when your offer and their needs coincide. Because you cannot know when this will happen, your goal is to get into their minds, get them on your list and hold them close by so that when they desire something you offer, they will come back to you.

TIP: Unless you have a lot of spare time, you really need an automated system to manage this.

Finally, you must offer multiple items of value. Do not simply rush into your main MLM opportunity. You need to create value, develop trust and build relationships. You need to demonstrate you care for them.

Here are Tracey Walker’s 6 Components to Turning Strangers into Friends

1. Create awareness of your products or services. Anything you’ve ever experienced – a new restaurant, a great book book, or a favorite movie… someone made you aware of it first. How can you generate awareness? Make YouTube videos to describe your experiences, successes, frustrations. Teach others how to solve common problems.

2. Provide value and solutions even as you showcase your knowledge at no cost. You will produce prospects by offering free content. Show off your skills – why should someone follow you? Present yourself as the leader they seek and get them to join your list.

3. Offer something that will cost the prospect a small amount of money. Your business needs revene and you must begin by generating small sales. People will buy because you’ve already provided value and generated good will. People get that they have to pay for what they want. Buy paying a small amount, they now have some skin in the game and are more likely to follow through. Don’t know what to offer? How about the $1 trial for MLM Lead System Pro?

4. Over deliver on a low cost purchase by inviting them to something special. Let your customers hear from you and become a leader. Keep adding value to YOU so you can provide value to others. Read, watch webinars, join conference calls. Expand your education, become an authority in something and then instruct others so they can become successful. Create great relationships so they will love associating with you. Folks don’t love you personally, you make them feel more love for themselves. You will help them reach their goals by making them feel good about you.

5. After the initial low price purchase, offer your customer a higher priced item that is right for them. You have revealed to them that you are the coach they can count on. Discuss the benefits of joining your team in your primary MLM. Make sure they know it is right for them. Qualify wisely! You get to choose who you wish on your team so don’t waste your time with tire kickers. You will enroll some great people. And even if they don’t and IF you have the right tool (like MLSP!) you can still create income from affiliate commissions from the products they pay money for to support their business. That is great!

6. Do not stop! Reaching your goals requires DAILY activity. Commit! Be persistens and consistent. However long it takes, keep going. You will attract committed people by being committed. Decide what kind of person you wish to have in your business and be that person.

Tracey Walker provided lots of great information in this training. Her system is simple. Provide great value by marketing YOU. Focus on attracting people to your system and let MLSP help build your business!

It takes over with formatted landing capture pages, auto responder emails with calls to action and hundreds of hours of training videos. You can generate income from affiliate commissions to fund your marketing efforts. You can even promote your main opportunity in MLSP! You just have to decide to start.