Toys for a Cockatiel

Cockatiel Bird Toys

There are many different types of bird toys to fit the needs of cockatiels. It is important to have toys readily available to your bird, so that it may exercise its brain and beak. The amount of manufacturers that make bird toys has skyrocketed over the past few years, making it easier to find toys. Bird toys are a must have for every bird owner, so here are a few examples of what you can purchase.

Male cockatiels behave and act differently than females. Therefore, toys have been made to specifically appeal to male birds. Mirrors are a great toy for a lonely male. Your cockatiel will spend hours staring at himself in the mirror. Your male cockatiel will be fascinated by the mirror and will perform head bobs and turns. In a way, he is trying to impress the bird in the mirror, but is unaware that it is himself!

Another toy that your male cockatiel will love is a whistle tape. Only males will whistle and carry tunes, so a tape with songs and whistles will perk his crown and keep his interest. This is also a great way to get your cockatiel to start whistling while you are not home. Just start the tape up and leave for work and before you know it, your cockatiel will start to whistle and bob his head. This can be funny to watch, so keep your eyes and hears open for any new behaviors.

Cockatiels love to shred toys, so pick soft non-toxic wooden toys for your birds to chew. Expect these to become broken fairly quickly. If these shredding woods or strings become frayed, take them out immediately so it does not become a choking hazard for your bird. Buy some stronger wooden blocks or paper rings, so they last slightly longer than the soft woods. Make sure that the wood is dyed with a non-toxic dye because most dyes are poisonous to birds.

Picking out the perfect toy may be difficult at first because of the amount of choices you have. Never pick a toy that is meant for a larger parrot because it will be too big for their cage and it may scare them away. Do not be alarmed if at first the special toy you pick for your cockatiel scares them. It may take them a few hours to understand what it is. However, if in a few days your cockatiel is still scared of the toy it is best to take it out.

Buying the right toy for your cockatiel should not be too hard. It may take few tries to find your bird’s favorite toy. However, once your bird takes a liking to a certain type of toy be prepared to have to buy a new one regularly.