Towel Sizes – Which Ones to Buy?

Towels tend to come in more shapes and sizes than people do and there are all sorts of bathroom linen available. This can be a little confusing; there are so many sizes, all with different names. So, which ones are suitable for what?

The Bath Towel:

This bath towel is a strange one as it does not necessarily come in a defined size and is available in varying sizes depending on your towel supplier. However, generally most of these towels are around 70 x 135cm in size, or perhaps a little bigger. The larger the towel the more expensive it tends to be. These are most commonly used in hotel bathrooms and often also in spas and health clubs. One of the considerations is laundering and you should remember that larger towels will take up more room in a washing machine so check you have the capacity to launder many of these.

Hand Towels:

Usually the hand towels are 50 x 100cm, give or take a centimetre or two. Unlike guest towels or face cloths, these shouldn’t be used in public toilets are they aren’t designed to be used once, and there are hygiene implications if many members of the general public use these towels for hand drying. However, an en-suite bathroom in a hotel room will be suitable for this. These are found in hotel bathrooms across the world, and are an essential choice along with bath towels.

Bath Sheet:

This is one of the largest towels there are and is usually around 100 x 178 cm. It is generally used as a recreational towel for hotels with a pool or beach as they’re big enough to cover the entire body. However, for hotels without these sorts of amenities, then it’s not so necessary to include this in your towel collection.

Guest Towels:

The guest towel is not as common as it used to be and is around 30 x 50 cm in size. These towels often include some sort of embroidery or embellishment and they are often given as gifts. These are rarely found in the bathrooms of hotel rooms. However, some businesses are keen to use them in public toilets for guest to dry their hands with before discarding them in a wash basket.

Face Cloths:

Face cloths are very common in bathrooms and are seen in most hotels and B&Bs. If guest towels aren’t used, it’s mostly likely that a face cloth will be made available. As the name suggests, these towels are used to wash a small portion of the body, such as the hands or face. They are usually square, around 30 x 30cm or so.

Towel sizes vary, and not all the options available are needed. However, by taking this above information, you should get a general idea of which towels are needed and why.