Tough Phones For A Tough Business

The new Sonim XP5300 3g Tough & Tradie phone has recently been launched in Australia and could be the answer to your problems. Its predecessor, the 2g, had its limitations as it could only be used for calls and texts, the 3g is a lot more durable and can receive data with networks available on the 900/1700/2100 WCDMA bands.

The advantage of the newly launched 3g phones is that they come with a 3 year unconditional warranty, if anything should happen to your mobile phone then simply contact Sonim and they’ll happily replace it for you with no questions asked.

The new model has the same features as the 2g XP3300 Force but has been modified and fitted with a few extras. Its waterproof and dustproof, has the same 2Mp camera, and is shockproof. Upon purchase you receive 12 hours talktime, waterproof headphones and data ports, the screen is high resolution, and it has a USB port so you can back up to your desktop.

The display has the ability to show up to 10 rows of data entry and has an LED torch, takes Micro SD cards up to 16gb and has a media player and FM radio. With the adjustable volume audio output reaching up to 90Db there’s never a problem hearing the person on the other end when based on noisy job sites.

Tougher than any other previous model this is a phone designed specifically for those workers who have to cope with extreme and remote working environments or even outdoor enthusiasts who like adventure. It’s highly reliable and has a long battery life, with features including professional-grade GPS with up to 24 hours of tracking time on a single charge, it’s the best you can get for anyone working in construction, logging or transportation.

Check the new models out online, they’re available on a range of Mobile phone plans from Telaustralia.