Top Workout DVDs for Easy Fitness Success

The key to definite fitness success depends very highly on your choice of workout dvds. With tens of thousands of them to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for you and your body? The choices are endless and the variety of workout dvds that are currently available can be somewhat overwhelming when trying to figure which workout program will give you the best results with the least amount of effort.

There is an easy and logical five step process you can go through to help narrow down your choices and help you hand pick the precise workout dvds that are most appropriate for what you are trying to achieve.

Step one – Assess your workout preferences. Do you want to join a gym or health club? Would you rather use workout dvds in the privacy of your own home? Are you interested in using no equipment, if possible? Do you want to train with weights or would you prefer a workout dvd that doesn’t require weight training? Do you prefer to workout with music or without? Or would you rather be able to choose your own music? Do you want to watch one fitness professional on screen or do you want to see a group of people doing the exercise program together?

Step two – You should analyze your starting point. Are you a twenty-four year old beginner? Are you a forty-nine year old workout veteran looking for some variations on fitness? Are you a sixty-five year old ‘starting all over again’? Are you extremely out of shape and over weight or do you just need to tone and firm up? The best workout dvds are structured to incorporate principles of gradual progress and specific exercise programming for all levels of fitness and conditioning. These types of workout dvds can take a beginner through various stages over time and can also provide plenty of intensity for someone who has been working out regularly but is looking for something to deliver better results and changes.

Step three – You should research the exercise pro behind the workout dvd or dvds you are interested in. Even though a lot of the big names occupy shelf space in Walmart, Target and other department stores, there are a good number of ‘grass-roots’ workout specialists who are creating and marketing their own brands of safe, efficient and very effective workout dvds. A great way to do this is to find a fitness professional who interests you. Then perform a search of their name on one of the major search engines. See what kind of results you get back and what else you can find out about their workout dvds and fitness philosophy.

Step four – Make sure the workout dvds you purchase come with at least a nine month, or longer, return policy period. A twenty day guarantee is worthless and most people don’t really get into a workout dvd until the first three to six weeks from date of purchase. You want enough time to use the dvds and see if you are starting to feel the changes you are seeking. If the workout dvds you have chosen are good ones, then you will see results much sooner and you will not want to return the the dvds anyhow.

Step five – Put your new workout dvds to use. They won’t work if you don’t use them consistently. If you expect to get great results you should plan on following the progression plans or workout schedules that are included with your workout DVDs. Hint – if you are looking at a program that does not come with a plan or schedule on how to use the workout dvds – it is most likely not a thorough program and will leave you with a lot of guesswork and disappointment. Stay away from these types of workout DVDs with ‘no substance’ and minimal guidance.