Top Tips to Land Your Ideal Job

1. Make your resume interesting – it should not be just your job description, it should talk about what you accomplished in the job that you held.

2. When describing your responsibilities, be brief. Try to take no more than three sentences for each job. Spend more time on achievements. Write your resume so that a well-informed outsider can understand everything in it.

3. Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Don’t just send out your standard version. The hiring manager should be able to picture you doing the job you’re applying for.

4. What makes you distinctive and different from the other people of a similar professional background? Make sure these points are in your resume and your application letters.

5. Use a sensible file name such as Your_Name_Resume.doc. You would be surprised how many people submit their resume with a filing title that is meaningless to the recipient. And when that happens, they may decide simply to delete it, rather than open it, do a Save As and give it a new file name. ‘How unfair and unreasonable’ you may think. But a useless name like MyNewResumeOct06.doc just shows you haven’t bothered to put yourself out a bit to help the recruiter. Or you have no attention to detail.

6. Assuming you have got over the first hurdle and now have the interview to consider, do some research. At the foot of this article you will see how to get an excellent ebook on the subject. Very few people can do well at interview without a lot of preparation and thought. Do your homework.

7. How is your voice? You probably never heard it like other people do, so make some recordings. Practise out loud, maybe even reading out loud. This sounds a bit like a return to school, but it’s great for helping get your speaking pace right.

8. Let everything you do in your job search be an example of the best work you are capable of. It should all be as perfect as you can get it. Including what you wear and your grooming at an interview.

9. How confident are you about your ability to do the job you are applying for? My guess for most people is they are more confident they can do the job, than that they can get the job. So you have to give yourself a talking to, and go to the interview exuding confidence. If you tell yourself negative things (such as the competition will probably be better than you) then you are going to kill your chances, because this lack of confidence will leak out.

10. Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Make a list of the capabilities and attributes you believe that hiring manager is looking for. Do not let this list be influenced by the capabilities you happen to have – be impartial. Then when you have done the best analytical job you can, turn your attention to how you are going to prove that you have those capabilities and skills.