Top Ten Things Choice Theory Can Do For You

Dr. William Glasser developed the concepts of Choice Theory upon the foundational work of Dr. William Power’s Control Theory. Both theories provide an explanation of human behavior—Powers focuses mostly on perception while Glasser expanded his ideas to include basic human needs and the concept of total behavior—including a person’s actions, thinking, feeling and physiology.

Choice Theory provides an explanation of human behavior. Once learned, individuals will understand how everyone is doing the best they can to get their needs met. This understanding generates an empathy for other people’s situation and a desire to assist them in making more responsible choices.

So what does this have to do with you? Here are the top ten things Choice Theory can do for you and your organization.

1. When individuals in your company learn and practice the concepts of Choice Theory, their life satisfaction with be increased, making them more pleasant and productive.

2. When your leaders in the company learn and apply the concepts of Choice Theory, greater teamwork develops and quality of your goods or services is enhanced.

3. When individuals learn and practice Choice Theory in their personal lives, they have better relationships with the significant others, their children and the other important people in their lives so there is less drama to deal with in the workplace.

4. Choice Theory is compatible with creating a spirit-driven culture in the workplace. Having an identified corporate culture helps you maintain a competitive edge by getting the right people on your “company bus” and keeping them there.

5. Choice Theory can actually provide you with a vehicle for getting the wrong people off your corporate bus. You know how you have some employees that simply aren’t the correct fit for your organization. Well, Choice Theory can provide you with a model that will help others evaluate if your environment is where they really want to work and you can rid yourself of those who truly are not contributing to the overall mission and vision of your company.

6. Having the right people in the right place at work leads to increased employee retention.

7. When you implement Choice Theory in your workplace, employees display more cooperation and less resistance. Their needs are being met at work and they understand the usefulness of what they are being asked to do.

8. Using Choice Theory at work, helps to eliminate the fear factor. There is less of an “us” versus “them” mentality and more of a “we” atmosphere. Once fear is reduced, people will speak up and problems truly can be viewed as opportunities for change and growth.

9. Using Choice Theory requires people to evaluate the quality of their own work, increasing personal ownership for the value of the goods or services produced.

10. And finally, teaching choice theory to employees with attract the people you want to your business. Not only with the “right” employees show up but you will attract the customers you want, as well. Outside vendors will want some of what you have.

Don’t wait. Get started today. Choice Theory workshops and personal and/or group coaching will make the difference in your company, giving you the competitive edge you want.