Top Ten Careers that Enable You to Work in the Great Outdoors

An office environment is not for everyone, yet you have your degree behind you and you love the Great Outdoors. It is possible to work in an outdoor environment and still use your education to its fullest potential. There are highly skilled operatives required in outdoor careers and these are often highly paid. Here, we give you some guidelines on some of the careers where you can breathe in all that lovely fresh air.

Estate Managers

There are many country estates that require high levels of management and if you have business management skills, this is the ideal job for those who love the outdoors without compromising their skills or not using them at all. Roles such as these require integrity and a high threshold for management negotiations. Dealing with suppliers, the movement of stock and the management of staff are all parts of an estate manager’s role.


The explosion of online publications means good news for talented photographers. This profession is a niche market and there is always a need for a talented photographer who can produce amazing photographs that will keep people on the page. The natural beauty of the world we live in is something that is well appreciated and this is one job that is the envy of many.


Those who love science and the earth together make ideal geologists and here is where you’ll spend plenty of time outdoors exploring, researching and putting together necessary evidence for the purpose of many. You could go into lecturing for universities, government experiments and of course, oil companies need geologists.

Fishermen or women

Fishing is a multi-national industry and requires tenacity and strength. It is considered dangerous and is highly paid. Fishing jobs are usually off-shore and can be in extreme conditions. Fishing companies look for people who are able to handle high levels of stress and with bags of energy. This might not be an obvious choice, but there are plenty of fishing jobs if you’re willing to seek employment in other lands.

The Construction Industry

This is an enormous business and requires high-level personnel to work on sites. Architects and engineers who are highly experienced are always in huge demand. While many of these sites are in urban areas, there are many opportunities to work overseas. Construction involves PR work for business roles and there are ample opportunities to execute skills such as advertising and marketing field experts.

The Oil Industry

The oil industry is massive and requires all levels of engineers, architects and many other roles. There are opportunities to work outside on rigs across oil-producing countries and with the advances in modern technology, the oil industry requires high levels of digital engineers and IT skills.

Rangers for National Parks

There is an increasing demand for Park Rangers as heritage is now almost an active sport. These roles include IT skills, high levels of business administration and marketing skills. Working with teams to manage national parks throughout the country and keep those people using them is of paramount importance to business and economies world-wide.


Where would the world be without biologists? Biologists are still highly sought after as studies continue into the organisms and their relation to the environment we live in. This is a highly specialized area and research biologists are needed for important medical and environmental purposes. The skills and level of education here is extremely high with excellent IT and digital skills as advanced levels of software and technology are used for research purposes. This is the perfect job for those who love the outdoors.


Arborists are employed by national parks, local authorities and are more commonly known as tree surgeons. Any person, who knows about trees, will know that tree surgeons don’t simply chop trees down. There is a science around the study of trees and while we want to sustain tress, there are times when a tree surgeon is drawn on for advice. There are a number of skills involved here, sciences and IT technology to name a couple and these important tree doctors are vital to protect trees and the environment.


Archeologists enable historians to lecture history and the world to be educated on people and artifacts from the past. We would never have known about ancient times were it not for archeologists. Laboratories have sophisticated pieces of software and to understand what they’re researching, archeologists have to have experience in IT. Due to the nature of the job and usually working and managing a team outdoors, there are levels of digital technology required to understand various elements and artifacts.