Top Social Media Platforms for Your Dealership

In this day in age, it is crucial to market your dealership across multiple social media platforms. The first thing you can do is decide on someone to manage your social sites, or make it a job all together depending on how involved you want to be. Have this manager make a plan for your social media strategy, so that all your employees can contribute even though they may not be in charge of actually posting the information. The first sites to get started on are Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The easiest platform available to your dealership is Facebook. Facebook allows for you to connect with millions of users around the county and is most likely the social platform of choice by your customers. Some customers may even look on Facebook for your business before visiting your actual webpage. That is why it is important to keep relevant information on your page- ranging from your business to industry to your customers. Post things that your fans will find interesting and want to share with their friends. Use Facebook to have a conversation with your fans, and use their feedback to improve your dealership.

YouTube will likely be the most time consuming platform to work with, though it may be very beneficial for viewers to your account page. With YouTube you can show viewers actual videos of the vehicles on your inventory page. Use it to sell pre-owned inventory, so that when you describe it as “like-new” condition, viewers can actually see what it is. They will be more likely to call or visit your dealership with serious inquiries versus questions of the unknown. Keep in mind you can use your YouTube videos across other social sites such as Facebook.

Like with Facebook, decide in the beginning of each week, what information you can share via Twitter. It is okay to use some of the information posted from Facebook, but you do want to make sure to switch it up a bit. Fans of your dealership on Facebook and followers on Twitter won’t want to see the same exact information. Remember that unlike Facebook which allows you to write lengthy posts, YouTube requires your “tweet” to be under 140 characters. That means that each post needs to be short and to the point, although pictures can be included. It is also acceptable to tweet multiple times a day, meaning that depending on your strategy, you may have two to three times more posts on Twitter than on your Facebook on any given week.

With the popularity of the internet, advertising isn’t just strictly TV and billboards anymore. More and more people are looking to the internet and social media sites for information regarding businesses. Having a social media presence makes your business more approachable and in this day in age that is key to making sales.