Top Freeware Programs of Pocket PC

The Pocket PC has become very convenient for the sake of business and individual means. Therefore, it is only right to give way to the top freeware programs that are very functional which, the people can take advantage of.

1. Microsoft Reader

Considered as one of the most versatile eBook reader, Microsoft Reader is preferred by many who wanted more out of the usual eBook styles. This freeware program version of the Pocket PC version 2.4.1 is rightfully compatible with: Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 2003, and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. Although this is not made compatible with Smartphone devices that are Windows-mobile based.

Note: If you have Microsoft Reader’s old version installed in your device, you have to uninstall it then install the newer version. This program is basically offered in five separate languages wherein all maintained the same requirements although, download sizes differ. Always ensure that the program is working properly prior to the device.

2. Engineering Calculator – Calc98

Calc98 is a modern scientific calculator that has extensive engineering or scientific financial functions and statistics. Furthermore, Calc98 has a comprehension range of properties, physical constants, and unit conversions. Over millions have already downloaded the Calc98 which can run for a period of 90 days that’ll serve as your free trial, after that, you would have to register and buy the product. Calc98 is becoming quite popular in the field of financial services and education, even healthcare.

3. PocketMusic

PocketMusic is an MP3 Player that beats the way on how Windows Media Player play its music. If you love music, this has got to be included in your device. Another reason why this is becoming popular is because it’s totally free. It’s compatibility ranges from Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, and 6.1, and Pocket PC 2003 and its Second Edition. It features multilingual interface namely French, German, Spanish and English.

PocketMusic Player features a lot of favorites like: a) Winamp skins support that has over 9500 skins which are readily available in the Internet, b) Interface that can be customized, c) Quality spectrum analyzer, d) 10-band quality equalizer, e) Numerous sound presets for the equalizer, f) Outstanding Playlist editor.

4. VBirthday 2.0

VBirthday is a very simple application that is meant for those frail-minded who keeps on forgetting important things like birthdays but, that’s not all. It is a reminder of every single occasion that you have to attend or remember. It keeps you up-to-date and on-track for everyday. VBirthday initiates the scanning of every contacts that you have and sorts out important reminders by age, name or event. VBirthday has features that are highly optimized when it is accessed via database. It is also easy to use and has highly selectable items for special events.

5. Pocket Translator

This is a freeware that’s easy to use, and can translate words in a jiffy. It has the capacity to support nine various languages. System requirements include SH3, ARM processor, MIPS and Pocket PC. Languages are detailed as Swedish, Portuguese, Latin, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and English.

6. PocketTV

Entertainment not enough for your viewing and listening pleasures? PocketTV fits your craving to take advantage of all features that Windows Mobile 6.1, 6 and 5 devices all in one freeware. PocketTV is a VCD and MPEG Player. This is one of the most popular freeware made for Pocket PC.