Top Crappie Fishing Tips

Top Crappie Tips
As new or experienced crappie fisherman we are always looking for new information and top crappie fishing tips that will make our next crappie fishing trip more successful. I would like to share my top crappie fishing with live baits tips with you. The listing is in no particular order.

Crappie Tip#1 Use P-LINE a line that is as easy to cast as standard mono, but is as invisible as pure fluorocarbon. P-line is the manufacturer’s name. P-line is the smallest dia. line you can buy and also the strongest. It is about 3-10 times as strong as the ave. fishing line. It is almost invisible because of it diameter.

TIP#2 Use shiner minnows as bait . These small fishing will reflect the sunlight off there small bodies. If you have ever reflected the light off a mirror , these small fish have the same effect in the water. Many time the crappie are attracted by the light reflection more then the bait.

TIP#3 Make sure you get some “oxygen saturated powder” for your shiner minnows. It kills the chlorine and oxygenates the water. I also use a small portable battery operated air pump. You want to keep your minnows alive as long as possible.

Top crappie fishing tip #4 Use a #6 hook that is “red” the red color makes it look like the minnow is bleeding . The crappie see the minnow is being injured an and a easy meal.

TIP#5 What ever you do if you are not using a red hook, make sure you hide all the metal so nothing is showing. (recommend highly using the red hook)

TIP#6 Use a “true turn” #6 red hook. It works like a toggle bolt when you hook a crappie. It grabs hold of the tougher part of the crappie’s mouth. Remember crappie’s mouths are paper thin . It’s easy to rip your hook right out.

Tip#7 Use a graphite jigger pole. I personally use a “uncle bucks” jigger pole but there are many more manufactures of jigger poles out there. The jigger pole is long has a very sensitive graphite tip, and it is durable but flexible.

Top crappie fishing tip #8 When you are using a long jigger pole you lesson your chances of a “snag” when you are reeling in. Put your line right in the think of the cover if you get a hit you can bring the crappie right up thru the muck and weeds with these poles. Don’t hesitate to go into cover with these poles, they are designed to take the abuse.

Tip#9 Always mark how much line you real in. this marks the depth that you are catching fish. You can do this simply by counting your real clicks.

Tip#10 Hook your shiner minnow through the lower and upper lip.

These fishing tips should make your next fishing more successful . Don’t hesitate to ad these top crappie fishing tips to your fishing arsenal. GOOD LUCK and GOOD FISHING!