Top countries to live in

The choice of living with happiness is similar for all human beings, and it is linked with the observation of some standards that are effective in deciding the country for living. The migration in the present age is simple due to the availability of modern transportation facilities. But, it is not an easy option due to security and safety measures in the world. Anyhow, if an option is given to you for the selection of a favorable country, you have to observe all essential matters before making any decision about moving to another country. According to the report of the Legatum prosperity index following countries are counted in top favorite countries, where people like to live.

  1. Denmark
  2. Norway
  3. Switzerland
  4. Sweden
  5. Finland

These countries are favorite for living as these have some specifications which are critically observed by the public before making any decision about living in a new country. These specifications are as under,

  • Self-independence

Personal freedom is an imperative factor that is favored by the young generation, mostly. Every person is willing to live with his own choice without any interpretation of his thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The countries mentioned above are ensuring this element for their citizens as they can adopt any lifestyle without any complexity. Even, if you are a students and staying in another country for some time online essay writer can provide you an assistance anytime.

  • Satisfaction about security

The world is achieving its developmental targets as well as people are feeling insecure with these progressive strategies. Therefore, people like to live in those countries that are safe from security risks, and they can travel in the country without any specific safety measures. This element is also described with a high ranking in the Legatum index, which was designed for the observation of elements of the prosperity of various nations in their countries.

  • Health facilities

Health safety is also an essential element to measure the living standard of any country. People like to get health facilities on their doorsteps because they believe in tax paying and getting basic fundamental rights by the state and government. In this matter, Finland is providing health facilities to its citizens, and people are voting highly in favor of Finland to adopt it for the next living country.

  • Happiness

Another critical measurement for the choice of living in any country is based on the observation of the happiness level of citizens. It is showing that people are satisfied with the policies of the government and they are getting their necessary facilities certainly. According to an index report, Switzerland is presented as a favorite country due to the happiness of its citizens that are living with joy and pleasant feelings.

  • Climate

Climate is the most crucial factor in deciding about any country for living as a next option. The climate is a major element to make sure that you can travel in the country or outside the country. In this sense, the index report is presenting the list of the top five countries, which are reported best about climate indicators. People can live in these countries with the right climate conditions, which is favorable for the citizens surely.

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