Top Collectible Dolls, A Partial List

Top Collectible Dolls: A Partial List

The holidays may just be over. Many countdowns have been made including the top collectible dolls for the year 2007.

Indeed, there are a lot to choose from, great innovations that truly represent how time flies. Children these days won’t have trouble looking for the perfect dolls for them, but parents might be worried with the range of prices these dolls are selling at. But for the collectors, here are only some of the gems that you might already have on your shelves. If not, you may want to consider some, if not all.

Harry Potter Dolls by Tonner Dolls
The lines from this collection is a must-have for the fans of the books and movies of the Harry Potter series. Most of the main characters, even Dobby is already available. Just hurry up because stocks are limited. If you are a collector, you won’t want to miss on even one.

Prices vary depending on the characters and its features. For example, a Harry Potter-Gryffindor Seeker Dresses Tonner Character Figure is selling at $159.99. While the Dobby Dressed Tonner Character Figure is at $89.99. Accessories and costumes are also available.

Holiday Barbie 2007
Barbie collectors watch out for the latest designs on their most favorite fashion icon. The Holiday Barbie 2007 is a Caucasian looking doll dressed in a very fashionable Christmas-themed gown with matching Santa Belt. This is such an irresistible choice to be added on one’s collection and it retails at $39.95.

Marie Osmond Collectible Dolls
Looking at the lineup of the Marie Osmond Dolls will not make it easy for anyone to pick just one from all the collection. Her dolls are themed according to occasion. She has also introduced the Holly Hobbie dolls which first became a hit in the 70s and are now being reintroduced in the newer generation as the great granddaughter of Holly Hobbie.

Karito Kids
Move on Brats. The Karito Kids Doll Collection are much pleasant to look at with their girly student-like appearance. Not only they are a collector’s item, most kids should try them out for the purpose of enjoyment. The dolls represents different races and promotes friendship for all.

Every doll comes with a book themed with whatever the doll of your choice represents. It aims to educate while providing companionship and delight to its owners. The five dolls available at the moment are from China, United States, Mexico and Kenya. And what’s more, for each purchase, part of the money the buyer paid for the doll, will go to their chosen Kids Give charity. This is available for $99.99.

Captivating Swashbuckler Cissy
The movie Pirates of the Caribbean made way for this line of dolls to move up in the market. Pirates are in. That is why collectors want to get hold of a Captivating Swashbuckler Cissy doll. Just a caution, with only a limited stock of 200 pieces available, this would be a hard find and very pricey as well. It retails at $549.99.

This is only a partial list of the top collectible dolls. If you are just starting out your collection hobby, these dolls would surely be the right choices for you to invest your money on. When you already have them, make sure that you take care of each and every doll in your collection. You never know when those items would increase its value and will actually serve as a gem for you. But if that didn’t happen, it still is gratifying to look at these pretty and nice to look at collector’s items.