Top Business Coach Shows You How To Grow Though Your Emotions

I have found over the years, in my own businesses, and with my clients businesses… that there is one big thing that come up and any time to thwart our dreams of successfully growing our business.


Yes emotions.

It sounds funny to some people… until they are in the situation to experience them.

In Fact, many business owners say to me… ‘Gee if I could grow my business to make a million a year – I’d do it’.

It sounds easy to do.

The reality for most people is – it isn’t.

For some reason when you are faced with achieving great success, emotions can come up and disrupt/delay or eliminate your opportunities.

You can have emotions that make you scared of failure.

You can have emotions that make you scared of success.

You can even have emotions that make you both scared of failure and success at the same time.

Let me give you an example of how emotions can disrupt your business growth.

I have worked with many business owners that want to grow their business… yet their excuse is ‘they’re too busy, and that they ‘don’t have the time’.

They often say to me…

Case ‘I’d love to grow my business but I’m just too busy. If I had more time, I’d easily grow the business’.

So they start working with me.

We put into place certain things that free up their time – so that they can then grow their business.

You know what happens… Well, all of a sudden, they can’t use the ‘I don’t have the time’ excuse anymore.

And for many business owners – it’s terrifying.

All of a sudden they have the time, and they know what they HAVE to do to grow their business, but for various reasons they can’t bring themselves to do the things they know will grow their business.

So they start creating situations in their business, that will draw them back into the ‘day to day’ activities of the business and away from ‘growing’ their business.

They start self-sabotaging their success.

Can you relate to that?

Let me give you some examples…

Instead of going out and selling – you may look for paperwork to do.

Instead of training your staff – you keep yourself busy elsewhere.

Instead of doing your financials – you work extra on ‘little’ things that keep you away from doing your financials.

You may tend to create all different types of diversions…

Does this sound familiar?

Well guess what, it’s normal – and you can swiftly step through it – with some help.

I specialize in helping business owners grow through these ‘emotions’. I’ve seen them all before…

You see my clients quickly find out that I can help them through this trap… I keep them accountable for them doing what it takes for them to grow their business – and I don’t give in.

Think about it… When you’re the boss in the business – who’s there to keep you accountable?

You can put things off… and sometimes it can really hurt you.

When you work with me I’m there to help you follow through on growing your business – rather than leaving you to sabotaging your growth. It’s part of how I’ve helped many clients add millions to their business in just a few years.

Maybe you could achieve the same results… would that be of benefit to you?

Emotions can empower you, or disable you. So being able to grow through your emotions is one of the secrets of business growth.

All the best business owners are able to work their way through these ‘emotions’.

And you can too!

It’s a key part of growing your business successfully.

In fact just the other day I was talking to one of the best clients I have worked with. He now runs a very, very successful $3 million dollar business. When he came to me, it was just over $1 million.

He said to me “Case now that I look back at all the stupid emotions that I had to deal with when I was growing the business, it amazed me at how much time I wasted.

Wasted on getting through my emotional blocks.

But I realize now that those emotions are what held me back in the first place and that I HAD to work through them to get to where I am now.

I had to become a $3 Million dollar businessman first before I could grow to $3 Million.”

And it’s true.

Show me a business that is growing, and I bet you a year or so before they experience business growth – the business owner went through significant personal growth.

And that’s the secret.

All super successful business owners have had exceptional personal growth.

If you are the business owner, for your business to grow. You first must grow.

So focus on growing yourself in areas to enable your business to grow. That’s the clue.

Find out what areas you are currently vulnerable in, in terms of both knowledge and skill. Then set about improving them yourself.

And you can do it by yourself, or with the help of other people. Like coaches mentors or even better – a business growth specialist.

So today you may want to write yourself a list on the areas in your business that you may be vulnerable in.

For some of you it may be marketing.

For some of you it may be sales

For other it could be understanding financials, recruiting staff, training staff, firing staff, letting go…

Whatever it may be for you… write down a list.

Then set about improving on these areas so that your skills improve.

Then as your skills improve your fear diminishes.


The skill set and the emotions that you have running your business at what ever level it is at right now… will be different to the skills and the emotional intelligence you will need to grow your business by another million or a few million.

To control and grow through those emotional blocks some of the things that can help you through are (a) very good self esteem (b) the burning desire to make it through (c) the knowledge and the skill set on how to make it through and (d) the excellent support

When I was at school, the only thing I wanted to do was finish school so that I didn’t have to learn or study anymore.

Well as you know and I know now – we never stop learning and we never stop studying… because if we do – we stop growing. And as an achiever – I love growing, learning and becoming better…

I realize now that the more I learn, the less I know.

So lets look at the best business owners and how they manage their ‘emotions’ so that they can grow their business.

Great business owners have a tendency to take ‘risks’. Well to the person on the street may call it a ‘risk’ but to the business owner it’s more of a ‘knowing’ – an intuitive gamble that what they think will work – will work.

So armed with a great self esteem and desire they go about learning how to do it. They study, research the topic and do what it takes to get the job done.

And they make sure they have support.

They surround themselves with great people that enhance their ability to ‘know’ what to do to grow their business.

Every successful businessman will tell you how important great people are to them. They insist on having excellent staff. If they don’t fit the mold, they do work in the company.

They insist on having the best accountants, the best lawyers and the best consultants they can find to help them grow their business.

You see it’s crucial to have someone there that can explain exactly what you’re going through – and most importantly tell you what the next steps are to take so that you can ‘make it through’ safely and successfully.

Working with an excellent Growth Specialist will help you see the path you have to walk. Because sometimes business owners can get trapped in the business – and may not be able to see there way out. A great specialist will help you out.

And they’ll help you out quickly and safely.

Much like if you wanted to climb Mt Everest. You’d get a Sherper to help guide you up the mountain, showing you the steps to take.

So by learning how to do it and getting great support you can overcome the emotions of growth.

It’s the seventh secret of business growth – growing through emotions.

Copyright © 2007 by Casey Gollan. All Rights Reserved