Top AntWorks Ant Farms

There is a company out there that makes state-of-the-art ant farms that aren’t just for small children. If you are looking for dynamic and powerful ant farms that actually make a unique and precise statement, than you need an ant farm from Antworks. This company is making some of the most unique and one-of-a-kind ant farms available on the market, thus giving you a very special type of ant farm. If you’re tired of the wood and sand ant farms, than look here for some of the most interesting ant farms available.

The first type of ant farm that has really set a new standard in ant farms is the AntWorks Tunnel Vision Gel Habitat. This innovative and interesting ant farm allows you to experience your ants like you never have before. One of the most unique aspects of this ant farm is the ability for it to literally expand to limitless size. This is made possible by you being able to add on more ant farms that connect to the preexisting ant farm. Now, you can allow your ant farm to grow as your colony grows, giving you unlimited potential. Another great feature about this particular ant farm is the fact that it uses gel, which is maintenance-free and literally feeds your ants for you. Now you don’t have to worry about watering or feeding your ants, all you have to do is watch and enjoy.

Perhaps one of the greatest ant farms that is known within this industry comes from the makers at AntWorks. I am talking about the AntWorks Tunnel Vision Six Pack ant farm. This amazing ant farm is literally six containers that can fit together to make a giant circular ant farm. Of course, if you wanted to purchase more ant farms to connect to the already six farms, than you can do so, thus making a large “S” shape, allowing maximum view of all of your ants. This is a great product that has many benefits. The first benefit is the fact that you can expand the habitat.

If you find that your ants are getting cramped, or you want to make your ant farm more dynamic, all you have to do is purchase more containers, and you can keep your ant farm growing. Another great feature about this type of ant farm is the fact that it is escape proof. You will never have to worry about your ants escaping because of the extremely tight lid on the habitat, as well as the very small air holes. These air holes are far too small to let the average harvester ant pass through, thus giving your peace at mind. And perhaps a feature that your ants will love, if ever the ant farm is knocked over, you wont have to worry about your ants being buried in sand or dirt.

This is because the ant farm comes complete with gel, thus the tunnels the ants build will not collapse, and the lives of your ants are saved. Of course, having gel for your ants provides them with all of the nutrients they need to survive.