Top 9 Causes Of A Blushing Face

1. Embarrassment

It’s almost impossible to avoid flushing or blushing when we feel embarrassed. Either when we least expect it or even worse when we do expect it. When you next feel embarrassment try to remember that your face turning red is 99.9% common and the only discomfort you will feel is the embarrassment itself and not the so called shame of a red face.

2. Exercise

How many people do you know who don’t turn a different shade of pink from a vigorous work out? Whether it’s running for 20 mins on a piece of gym equipment or making love – we all go red and suffer a flushing face during exertion.

3. Anxiety and Phobias

The triggers that cause anxiety or phobic reactions make us feel uncomfortable and stressed out. These feelings can cause an increase in blood flow and pressure which ultimately results in the reddening of the face. If you can relate to this then the only plausible solution is to tackle the underling psychological issues that cause such physical reactions.

4. The fear of blushing

Following on from point 3, the physical reactions from psychological triggers such as anxiety, phobias or stress can often self manifest. This means that the mere fact that you become self conscious about your flushing then becomes a problem in itself. No longer are you flushing because of the original cause, but you are now experiencing a “second tier” of flushing due to the fact that you are anxious about the fact that you are flushing in the first place.

5. Frustration

Frustration is the distant relative of stress. As we know, stress can cause high blood pressure and as such, frustration can and often does cause flushing. Even classic cartoon characters are given facial redness expressions to portray frustration.

6. Sadness

Often sadness and in its extremity, crying, can cause a higher volume of blood to rush to the face.

7. Happiness and laughter

Many people, when engaged in uncontrollable laughter, are prone to flushing of the face. The harder we laugh the less in control we become and more importantly the less self aware we become. We let ourselves go and as laughter requires a great deal of physical and energetic resource, we tend to flush as a result.

8. Menopause

One of the most common triggers of a flushing face is most certainly a flushing face. Many women suffer intensely from flushing and hot flashes. There are many products and suggested solutions for menopause and the treatments for flushing are just a part of the market.

9. Hot n’ spicy foods (and drink)

Although some people don’t seem to flinch at a mouthful of chicken madras, the rest of us have to endure wild and fierce attacks of facial flushing at the first sign of eastern European cuisine. It can become annoying to say the least. For some of you reading, it can be the difference between going out and socializing and staying in with a mild Italian dish instead. It shouldn’t be that way now should it?

As you can see, there are many causes of a flushing face. For some people, all of the points can seem familiar and for others, it may just be one of these points that cause you problems. Further more, for some of you; there may be something more specific that causes face flushing. Whatever it is, there is always a solution.

The deciding factor is – can you determine what it is and ultimately are you willing to do something right now to change your situation for the better? I did, you can too.