Top 5 Cosmetic Surgery Myths That You Need To Know

With the information overload of cosmetic surgery available today, it is no surprise that there is also just as much misleading and false information out there as well. Whether it’s over the internet, television, friends or acquaintances, it is extremely important to make sure that the information you receive comes from credible and reputable sources. There is a substantial amount of information that is not accurate.

Cosmetic surgery is real surgery and you owe it to yourself to do your research, talk to people who have had cosmetic surgery and make appointments with board certified surgeons in your area.

Myth #1: You can fix anything with cosmetic surgery.

This is heard almost daily by cosmetic surgeons when a patient calls or comes in for a consultation. There are many factors to consider when someone is choosing to under go a cosmetic surgery procedure. The first thing to ask is, “Is the concern of the patient a real fact or deformity?” and “Will their physical limitations and situation lead to an aesthetically pleasing result in the eyes of the patient and the surgeon?” If the answer is no then the reasons why should be addressed. Cosmetic surgery can not give you a “perfect” body, nor can it fix everything. There are physical limitations limited by our own unique individual characteristics.

Myth #2: Breast Implants cause or increase your risk for breast cancer.

The Institute of Medicine found evidence that breast implants do not cause breast cancer or the recurrence of breast cancer. How ever it is still essential to undergo routine screening for breast cancer which includes: self breast exams, mammograms, and clinical breast exams. Just as you would if you didn’t have breast implants.

Myth #3: You can’t breastfeed if you have implants.

According the the Mayo Clinic, breastfeeding with implants is safe. Because breast milk is considered the primary and best choice for babies, the Mayo Clinic also encourages women with breast implants to breast feed if they are able to do so.

Myth #4: Implants need to be replaced every ten years.

Unless you are having a problem or concern then there is no need to do anything. Some patients may have reasons to want to replace their implants however; it is not required. They are man made devices and there is no guarantee as to how long an individual implant will stay intact.

Myth #5: Liposuction can be used as a weight loss tool.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery employed to remove excess fat from specific body parts. This surgical procedure is not an alternative to exercise and dieting and should be used only to remove the stubborn fat that does not respond to exercises and diet. Liposuction is not a weight loss method but a method to fatty deposits throughout the body. Generally the fat is removed from thighs, chin, buttocks, love handles (abdomen), breasts and stomach for women and chin, waist, breasts and buttocks for men.

Copyright (c) 2007 Dr. Robert Kenevan