Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Content

Copyright 2006 B Hopkins

The storm brewing about the need for content and continuously adding content to your website is growing louder by the day. As a result, many enterprising entrepreneurs are finding ways to fill a need that is growing.

Many new products and services have arisen that have done things from taking articles already on the web and changing words here and there to create new articles, to private label articles, to taking articles and adding header and footer content to the article.

With all of these solutions, none of them beat the method of creating your own content, which keeps original authors happy, and and your visitors happy at the same time. Any search engine benefits are the icing on the cake.

1. Original Content Avoids Copyright Issues

With the increasing tools that are available to determine if content has been copied or not, it is becoming easier and easier to find out who has been stealing your content. It will be a matter of time before more stringent laws are created that will deal with these infringements. It doesn’t take that much effort to take an idea and write it in your own words.

2. Writing Your Own Articles Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd

There is a growing number of private label and reprint rights articles that are on the web today. The problem is that there is usually no cap to the number of memberships they will sell. Given the fact that a large percentage of people are lazy about making changes to the content, there will be a number of articles out on the web that are carbon copies of each other with a different author.

How much of an expert will you look like if your article looks like everyone elses? If anything, it will actually hurt your credibility with your audience and make you look like someone who is far from an expert. After all, experts are experts because they know things other people don’t, right? How can you look like an expert if your articles look just like everyone elses?

Even more importantly, people will begin to discount the information in the article as being of very little value. This is not a great thing to do to your web visitors.

3. Your Original Content Adds Value to Your Website or Newsletter.

Everyone has a way of expressing opinions, ideas and information. When you write your content, articles, whatever, in your own words, you are allowing a wider audience to absorb the information you are helping to disseminate. Not everyone will read information the same way, and when you add your own style of communicating, you will connect with the visitors that also communicate in the same way that you do.

4. Your Content Extends Your Branding

Your style of communicating is a form of branding. It helps to separate you from the masses. On the Internet, there are very few things that can be used to make you unique, and give you something that people can relate to. One of the most effective things that people can use is the way they use their words to communicate an idea. Your style of words is unique unto you, and using a rehashed private lable article denies you of your chance to add your personality to your communication pieces.

Obviously, for those that put up spam content sites, branding and creating a unique identity is the last thing on their mind, but for those types of sites, it is becoming more difficult to be successful on the web.

Kudos to those who continue to create their own original content and not fall victim to the seduction of quick and easy content that is just too easy to misuse. While private label articles may have their place in certain circumstances, if not used with caution, they may not bring you the benefits you had hoped for.

Creating and distributing your own articles is easier when you are helped through the process of writing an article. There are some services out there such as that can step a user through the process of creating a quality article the provides value to the visitor, and calls their interest to want to learn more.

Original content is the best way to go, as it will help you stand out from the crowd, and will bring added value to your visitors.