Top 3 Best Beach Romantic Vacation Destinations

What could be more romantic than sitting on the beach and watching the beautiful sunset? Well, perhaps just being in the arms of your love ones? Well, whatever meaning you have for the word romantic or whatever description you may have for a romantic vacation, a vacation on the world’s greatest beach destinations with your spouse or partner is surely a great idea.

Before, a romantic vacation usually means spending the holidays with your love ones in a great city, in a hotel and sharing a candle lighted dinner in the restaurant. But today, a romantic vacation could mean differently; depending on how a person or couple wants to spend them. And mostly, couples now prefer spending their romantic vacations at the beach.

If you’re among the couples who love watching the sunset from the beach or love hearing the sound of the waves, then you might want to know the best beach romantic vacation destinations where you can spend a week or two with your spouse. Here are top 3 of them;

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is perhaps the top destination in the world when it comes to beach vacation. And for your romantic vacation, you and your spouse will surely enjoy the islands, the waters and the beaches around this area. And being a biodiversity hotspot, you can also enjoy Caribbean’s flora and fauna. You can enjoy any island or destination in the Caribbean or join a luxury cruise to visit all the islands. Now, if you don’t know exactly where to go, here are some notable places to visit;

Barbados – enjoy the white beaches on this place. Cave exploration, helicopter rides, sightseeing, golfing and scuba diving are just among the things that you can do when in Barbados. Hotels and shopping districts abound the place so you should not have any problem with regard to accommodation and souvenir shopping.

Aruba – known as one of the ABC islands, you will surely enjoy watching the lovely sunset from the beaches of this Caribbean island. You can also enjoy sightseeing in Aruba’s national parks, caves and rock formations.

Cuba – enjoy your romantic vacation in the Caribbean’s largest holiday island. Beautiful beaches such as Santa Lucia await you. And you can pamper yourselves at Palacio Azul.

Costa Rica – visit Irazu Volcano or go whitewater rafting when the beaches don’t seem to be appealing to you. Or you can try out your luck playing casino at Club Colonial.

These are just among the islands where you can opt to stay when planning to have a Caribbean beach romantic vacation.


When it comes to romantic beach vacations, Hawaii should always be included. Aside from beautiful beaches, you can also enjoy sightseeing around the islands of Hawaii to see its natural beauty; flora and fauna included. And if you like meeting people of different origin and cultural inclination, Hawaii would be a great destination.

Water falls, steep hills for the adventurous, white beaches, beautiful islands, rivers and historical architectures are among the things that you and your spouse can both enjoy in this destination. Modern hotels and recreational sites are also available for you to indulge in.

Not sure which Hawaiian island to stay? Well, you can choose from O’ahu where you can find Pearl Harbor as well as the county of Honolulu. Try Maui where you can enjoy snorkeling and encounter exotic marine animals under.

Don’t forget to experience a luau when you’re in Hawaii; it could be among your most unforgettable experience there.


With its great beaches and hotels, Florida is among the most famous destination when it comes to beach romantic vacations. Varying from long shore beaches to calm lakes and a great night life, you and your spouse will surely enjoy Florida.

When not in the beach, you can go strolling in some of Florida’s world-renown water parks such as SeaWorld, Disney World and the famous Universal Islands of Adventure. Enjoy sports events when you visit the famous race tracks such as the Daytona International Speedway and Sebring International Speedway.

There are still lots of beaches out there where you can spend your beach romantic vacations. You just have to be very resourceful so you can find the one that suits your preferences as well as your budget.