Top 10 Reasons Why People Have Orangeries

The orangery has been popular now for hundreds of years. The precursor to the conservatory, orangeries provide a lot of benefits and there are numerous reasons people have them – here are ten of those reasons.

1. Sun
Of course, the orangery is a bright and sunny place due essentially to the number of windows and the amount of light that can get inside. It makes the perfect place to relax on a sunny evening and take time out from the world around you.

2. Plants
Originally, the orangery was named as it was used for growing its namesake the orange, as well as a number of other citrus plants. So naturally, plants are very well suited to growing in this environment which is great for those who enjoy gardening, but can’t rely on the British weather.

3. Space
Obviously, the orangery also adds extra space in the home and is that bit more attractive during the summer than many other areas. In addition, the abundance of light in the room gives the illusion of even more space. A strong reason for its popularity.

4. Light
Not only does light give the illusion of extra space, it also means people can have the effect of being outside when still inside, something especially important on those cold, but bright days.

5. Adds Value to a Home
Like any additional piece of home improvement or extensions, an orangery will add value to the house. Long term benefits such as this are important to consider when looking at pricing options.

6. Desirability
Homes with something as stylish as an orangery are always going to be a more attractive prospect than homes that don’t have one. Great for showing off to friends and neighbours, but also links to the value of your home.

7. Aesthetics
Orangeries can be adapted to both modern and traditional designs and so really add aesthetic attractiveness to a house, no matter what style it is.

8. Outdoors and Indoors
These buildings allow people to bring the outdoors and indoors closer together. This means that with the doors closed your orangery is a warm, bright room that is a few inches from the garden. Open the doors and it is virtually one with the garden, what could be a more attractive prospect in those summer months?

9. Entertaining
Orangeries are a great area for socialising, the beautiful designs are a great talking point, and the light allows for comfortable entertaining. What’s more, it’s kept away from the rest of the house meaning any extra mess made is all in one place and easy to clean. Especially as flooring tends to be hardwood or tiles.

10. Away from the Madness
Orangeries are usually built at a distance from the bustling part of the home and so offer the perfect respite from the business of family life. Put the kids to bed, get a good book and escape to the orangery.