Top 10 Design Features for a Contemporary Extension

Every era’s buildings have their own features and own specific details that make them instantly recognisable, and our modern day designs are no different. There are a number of distinctive additions and features that make a contemporary extension what it is. So, let’s take a look at the features that create the modern aesthetic in these sorts of extensions.

Obviously each and every era uses different materials for its buildings and aluminium is certainly one of the more prominent nowadays. The fact that aluminium is both light and strong is of significant benefit as a construction material. Of course, combinations of materials such as aluminium, glass and wood create much of what the modern minimalist design is about, while also allowing for plenty of light and open space in modern buildings.

Glass Panels
Glass has come on in leaps and bounds in recent times and numerous changes and technological advances mean that it can be used as part of a supporting structure. This in turn means more can be used and fewer walls are needed. The result being, brighter and more open spaces that look fantastic and are wonderful to relax in.

Modern furniture takes on all of the minimalist characteristics of the buildings. Contemporary furniture should be clean, light and attractive whilst taking on some aspects of designs from the past. The combination of the old and new work to create a different, contemporary look.

Modern design is quite distinctive in many ways and there is certainly a push to show textures and the more interesting sides of architecture. Unlike in the past when all walls were plastered over and covered up, modern work tends to show textures and the interesting parts of the structure, whether they are brick walls or exposed beams.

Just as the light is makes a modern room look more spacious, a minimalist layout should be just that – minimal. This means you should opt for an open-plan layout, certainly a calling card of the current design trend.

Sliding Doors
Modern design is about aesthetics complimenting practicalities. This often means making more room and space from an area. This has seen the advent of sliding or bi-folding doors. This has been partly down to design and also because of advances in technology, which now allow such additions to be easily installed. These doors can be used to completely open up one side of your contemporary extension. This is great if you’re after subtle, stylish doors giving you access to your garden.

In turn, many gadgets and gizmos have advanced over the years, helping us in convenient everyday ways. This means that any tech wizardry can be added easily to our home. From mobile phone controlled thermostats, to self-locking doors.

Lighting also has been part of these changes and aside from the ecological leaps; there have been significant technological ones. Lights themselves come with their own chips and can perform all sorts of tasks that would once have required fittings, such as dimming and changing tone and colour.

Flooring too has changed and is a lot easier to look after. Why not experiment with different materials and colours? Dark colours in ceramic or granite are very fashionable in contemporary design. Mix this with some classic varnish wood flooring and you’ll have something very modern.

Of course cleaning has come on in leaps and bounds and technology such as self-cleaning glass is now common in the everyday.