Tonik Health Insurance Plans From Blue Cross

You’re between nineteen and twenty-nine years old, so you’ve pretty much got everything you’ll ever need . . . you’re young, you’re as healthy and in shape and travel as much and are as physically active as you’re ever going to be. But unfortunately, life was designed to be pretty freaking unpredictable. It could only take one slip surfing, one fall snowboarding or one spill off a bike to set you up to discover that from time to time the financial pains resulting from coping with an unexpected injury can easily outweigh any physical distress. If and when you find yourself laid out by the grass, the snow, the waves, the roadway or something as unforeseeable as a burst appendix—you are definitely going to wish you had the assistance that only reliable health care coverage has to give.

Well, Blue Cross of California is now offering a trio of straight-up, practical and reasonably priced health care plans specifically designed to cover A to Z’s just like yours. They’re collectively known as TONIK, and if you happen to be between 19 to 29 years of age, plan rates can clock in as low as sixty to eighty dollars per month, depending on which of the three TONIK’s best describe your lifestyle and overall health insurance requirements as well as where in CA you live, your age and your general medical history. Rates are subject to change, but TONIK can help protect your way of life from just about any mishap – even itself.

Even though TONIK’s Health Plans were meant to be not only young but fun as well, participants will be able to party hardier just a little easier knowing that their health care coverage isn’t in the hands of an insurance company that’s a start-up in any way, shape or form. TONIK is a product offering of the Blue Cross Life & Health Insurance Co., backed by the impeccable reputation of Blue Cross of California; the state’s largest single health indemnity carrier. Blue Cross surveyed hundreds of young adults to find out what it was that they didn’t like about standard health insurance offerings that was keeping 1.6 million of them out of the marketplace in California alone. Nationwide, more than thirty percent of Americans between nineteen and twenty-nine are uninsured.

For example: Many of the polled 19 to 29 year olds told Blue Cross that they weren’t comfortable with the idea that when going in to a physician’s office for a routine visit they were typically responsible for paying not only the pre-set co-payment amount for their office visit but any extra costs for incurred due to necessary x-rays and or blood work.

The TONIK plan takes care of these concerns by covering most lab-work, x-ray requirements and even certain specialized procedures under its office visit co-payment schedule. In addition, TONIK’s practically unprecedented inclusion of both vision care and dental plan benefits on top of the ample coverage for generic pharmacy-RX, doctor’s visits and hospital stays really covers plan members from A to Z. And, once a particular plan’s pre-set deductible level is met, all covered health benefits will be paid in full. Check out how much money you can save with TONIK There are no co-insurance percentages that must be paid-out by plan members until a higher out of pocket maximum has been satisfied. For instance, if you’ve opted into the Calculated Risk Taker plan and find yourself saddled with a mind-numbing $150,000 hospital bill you’ll only be responsible for the first $1,500 of that amount. Tonik even offers discounts for those who lead healthy lifestyles.

TONIK is a truly cutting edge health insurance offering, besides its plan details, even its look, feel and most importantly its’ application and applicant approval process set it apart from just about every health plan currently available–generation y’ers are one hundred percent able to apply for their TONIK plan of choice in the web’s ultra accessible no- paper-needed environment.

BC’s TONIK consist of a trio of similar health plans dubbed for types of young adult users they’re targeted toward. The plans breakdown into TONIK: The Thrill Seeker then TONIK: The Part Time Daredevil and lastly TONIK: The Calculated Risk Taker. With the Blue Cross TONIK’ system, all recent college grads and their peers will have to do is figure out which of those categories they fall into and then apply. It’s just that simple. Thrill Seekers will probably want health covered in case of sports related injury, an accident or other unforeseen medical predicament and figure that they’ll only need to visit a doctor three or four times a year. On the other hand, Calculated Risk Takers, will be willing to pay a bit more for lower deductibles alongside unlimited doctor’s visits as well as comprehensive accident coverage. Part Time Daredevils’ health care needs will tend to fall somewhere between the two.

Each of BC’s TONIK brand health plans includes both dental and vision care. Their deductibles do not have to be satisfied in order for participants to be reimbursed for emergency room services clocking in somewhere over the $100 co-payment amount. Unlike competing PPO or HMO managed care plans, the physician’s office visit co-payment schedule includes not only x-ray but associated laboratory services as well. All covered health benefits are paid-out at 100% after TONIK’s deductibles have been satisfied. And, all three TONIK plans have an impressive $5,000,000 maximum benefit ceiling. If you have any questions about the plan offerings, feel free to click on one of the links below.