Toddler Bad Breath

Causes and Consequences of Bad Breath during the Toddler Years

It is unfortunate that we sometimes take bad breath as an integral part of the toddler stage when in fact, it is not.

Unlike with that of adult halitosis, bad breath in toddlers is caused by serious medical conditions.

Say for example, toddlers with bad breath that has hints of sweetness in it are likely to be affected with childhood diabetes. This is because the body of a child would be forced to breathe excessively through the mouth to create a balanced level of the acids in the body. This then would expel carbon dioxide which helps correct the acidosis for a while. But in the process, the child would likely emit foul odors.

Bad breath in toddlers could also be caused by mouth breathing. Remember that bad breath is caused by the overproduction of anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria that thrive in places where there is lack of oxygen. Indeed, they die in the presence of oxygen.

Once a child breathes through her mouth, she is likely to encourage the growth of these bacteria since dry oral tissues are the perfect environment for anaerobic organism. This condition is a result of certain conditions such as allergies, tonsillitis, and infections in the sinuses.

Foreign bodies would also help bad breathe in toddlers to arise. This is because anything that lodges in the nose would lead to infections such as green discharge or anything stuck in it.

Post Nasal Drip is typically deemed as a cause of bad breath among toddlers. Since children of this age range cannot blow their noses, it is advised that they are assisted by adults.

Other causes such as poor oral hygiene, consumption of certain ingredients that cause foul smell in the mouth and similar conditions could be linked with that of bad breath in older people.

Bad breath is an adult condition alright but this would not negate the fact that it could also occur in helpless children.

Freud, Erikson and a number of other psychologists emphasized that what we had in our childhood would largely affect what we will become in our future, for whether it may be good or bad. Bad breath, no big deal? Well, it would be good if you would reconsider this initial belief.

The truth is, adult people with bad breath are normally less confident with their social relations. This is inevitable since unpleasant smell emitting from ones mouth could cause a lot of discomforts both for the patient and the people he is closely related to him.

While toddlers with bad breath may not normally be as conscious as adult people, they cannot still get away from the fact that children of his age would unintentionally react upon smelling his breath which could therefore be the butt of jokes.

Bottom line is, while toddlers may not be unconscious of their bad experiences during this age range, the effects would be carried over to their adulthood which would manifest through lack of self esteem and self confidence. This is possible since our unconscious mind works as a great recycle bin which stores memories our past and for whether we like it or not, some experiences would haunt us so long as we live.

It only important therefore that early measures are observed so as to get away from the causes of bad breath and the aftermath of these causes during older age.