Today’s Hottest Fat Burning Supplements for Men and Women

It’s summertime! The time of year when you want to show the most, feel the best and look ripped! In conjunction with a rigorous fitness plan and a healthy, well balanced diet, fat burning supplements have become an excellent way to optimize your results. It may just make the difference between getting to your goal a little sooner, or even surpassing your body fat goal by a few extra percentage points. Just as in weight training programs and diets, there is individuality that allows different people to get results in different ways, the same goes for supplements as well. So to help you make a better informed decision regarding what fat burners are best for you, here is some additional information about fat burning supplements, and what are the most popular supplements on the market today for both men and women wanting to make the most of achieving that slim summer look.

Calotren Liquid Weight Loss Formula

Calotren is an all natural protein formula that comes in liquid form, therefore it is easier to absorb and works faster than most capsules and tablets. This formula assists the body in burning unwanted body fat naturally without the use of stimulants, tricking the body, or by starvation and severe calorie reduction. It just simply supports the natural fat burning ability of the body and allows you to burn sugar more efficiently.

The protein formula found in Calotren is also naturally occurring in the body. It serves a role of supporting the integrity of our muscles and joints and their ability to absorb impact. It is also linked to giving us a younger appearance as it supports healthy skin. This protein is already broken down and is readily absorbed when taken orally and its integration helps build muscle efficiently and in turn, burns fats and sugar efficiently as well. There are no stimulants such as caffeine, it is ephedra free and there are no known side effects of using Calotren as a weight loss supplement. Other benefits of Calotren supplementation may include: decrease catabolism of muscle tissue, improved workout recovery with shortened rest times between intense session, no adverse effects from stimulants such as jitters or irratic sleep patterns, increased energy, loss of body fat, and healthy younger looking skin.

Take Calotren with water, usually 1 tblsp with a glass of water before bed and it should be outside of a 3 hr time frame of not eating to allow Calotren to work more effectively. You may take another serving in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach to optimize fat burning. Calotren is unique in that it offers no stimulants, something that is hard to find in fat burning supplements that work.

Lean Out by Beverly International

Lean Out is a lipotropic formula that comes in a capsule form containing L-carnitine, Co-enzyme 10 and Chromium Picolinate. Co-enzyme 10 is an important fat soluble antioxidant that protects substances like cholesterol from oxidation, or the process of it being deposited on arterial walls. L-Carnitine serves two major functions as it relates to fat burning and fitness. The metabolism of BCAA’s and burning fat. L-Carnitine is required for the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria where they serve for energy production while sparing muscle glycogen or sugar. A deficiency in Carnitine causes fatty acids to accumulate in the blood and ultimately result in more fat deposits. And many times this occurs right where you have the greatest accumulation and where you least likely would want it. In summary, L-Carnitine shifts your fuel source toward fat and thus leaves amino acids and glycogen available to build lean muscle tissue.

The dosage for Lean Out and L-Carnitine supplementation is 2-4 grams in 3-6 daily doses on an empty stomach taken with water. You may find it best to cycle this supplement in a 3 week on 1 week off cycle for optimal results.

Slim Quick by NxCare

Slim Quick by NxCare was specially created for women wanting to burn fat and have a lean look. It is considered the best weight loss product of its kind, and designed to work for a woman’s body to effectively burn fat. The quality ingredients are designed to overcome hormonal barriers that prevent most women from losing weight.

For best results, in conjunction with a fitness program and healthy eating plan, Slim Quick should be taken on an empty stomach with water. One capsule in the morming before breakfast and one capsule 6 hours later. As with any supplements, they are most effective when used in conjunction with a complete fitness plan and healthy, well balanced diet. No fat burning supplement can help you lose weight and burn fat exclusively, exercise is a must. But for those who wish to optimize their results, get an edge on competition, and accelerate their fat burning ability, a fat burning supplement is the way to go. For professional advice on fitness program, diet information and nutritional supplements, is your home to help you become fit for life.

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