Today’s ePreneur-No Apologies for Being Rich

The ePreneur is an up-and-coming concept in the world of entrepreneurs. The “e” in ePreneur stands for “enlightened.” Well, I’m not so sure about the enlightened part! Perhaps it’s better to say that the e encompass all entrepreneurs who desire to build their businesses upon the foundational mix of solid business acumen and inner spiritual wisdom.

Today’s ePreneur apologizes neither for being financially prosperous nor for including the spiritual dimension in their business. The accumulation of wealth and success goes hand-in-hand with being spiritual, to the ePreneur.

If You’ve Seen One Prosperity, You’ve Seen Them All

Many people mistakenly believe that there are many definitions of prosperity. I disagree. There is but one definition of prosperity with limitless ways to manifest it in your life.

Prosperity is a successful, flourishing, and thriving state of being. It is most commonly associated with being financially prosperous. It’s about both energetic alignment with the state of prosperity and to the manifestation of things. The key here is the order in which things are done. First comes alignment with prosperity. Then comes manifestation. Get them backwards and what do you have? Greed.

Many people struggle with their desire to be rich. They think that being rich will interfere with being spiritual. First of all, we are all spiritual beings, so “rich” hardly has the ability to interfere with that. We give rich too much credit. Being rich and successful is simply a manifestation of the aligned state of prosperity.

The Difference between Need and Desire

“More” is a great feeling. Or is it? Seems to me there are really two sides of more. There is the side of more that comes from incompleteness and the side that comes from completeness. One holds the energetic vibration of lack and scarcity; the other holds the energetic vibration of prosperity and abundance.

Which type of more do you have? Let’s find out. Think of something you want more of. More money? More success? More time? Think about your more for a moment.

•Does your more feel like a longing for something or a wanting more of something? If it’s longing, that’s need.
•Does your more feel like excitement to receive or craving to have? If it’s excitement to receive, that’s desire.
•Does your more feel like the experience of connection and the feeling of completeness or the experience of disconnection and the feeling of incompleteness? To find out the difference, read on.

Enter, Your Inner Samurai

The experience of connection and the feeling of completeness are signs of your relationship with the Infinite. I call this the relationship you have with your inner knower–your “Inner Samurai.” Connection is the inner part of the Inner Samurai. Completeness is the Samurai part. Both connection and completeness are needed and represent a symbiotic relationship. To come into harmony with your desire is to come into harmony with your Inner Samurai.

When you are connected to your Inner Samurai, desire easily and effortlessly flows forth. You naturally feel joyful and excited about what you desire. That’s because you are in alignment with the Infinite. Conversely, when you are disconnected from your Inner Samurai, you are caught in the illusion of separation, and the stream of flow is disrupted. Lack pours forth in the form of need, from this place.

Sometimes there is a seemingly indistinguishable line between filling a need and expressing a desire. Plus, desire has been given a bad rap: Desiring more is bad and being content with less is good. Enough of that kind of thinking! Desire is a natural part of us. Without judgment, without reproach, desire just is. The ePreneur knows that desiring more isn’t the issue. Knowing the difference between need and desire is.

You Complete Me, Don’t You?

To need something is to believe that some external thing will complete you. Need stems from the belief that without something outside yourself you are incomplete. The quintessential characteristic of need is that the experience of its fulfillment is short-lived.

Need, flowing from incompleteness, attempts to fill a bottomless spiritual hole with material things. To need something is a statement that something needs to change in order for you to be happy. The ePreneur knows that no amount of material stuff can fill a spiritual hole. Only connection to the Infinite can. The moment we let go of our external need for completeness, we begin to manifest what we desire.

Today’s ePreneur knows it isn’t about choosing between being rich or being spiritual. It’s all about being connected to your Inner Samurai.