Todahs Coffeehouses

Coffeehouses Create A Place For Young, Old To Meet

The coffeehouses of the 21st century might owe their existence to the forerunners in the field, but they’re nothing like the gathering places of old Europe and Constantinople, or are they?

Unlike bars that serve up lots of mind-altering alcohol on tap, coffeehouses have been and remain a place for the “thinkers” of the world to gather, sit a spell and take in some interesting conversation, poetry or even music.

Although the coffeehouses of the past didn’t offer WiFi connections and poetry jams, they were known as meeting houses. People did attend to talk about the news of the day, formulate action and even found businesses, as was the case of Lloyds of London.

The similarities are there for certain, but the coffeehouses of today have taken on a new atmosphere, different from any in the past.

Just like those from the Old World and even the beatnik hangouts of the 1960s, today’s coffeehouses are trendy stops for 20-somethings on up. Popularized by the college crowd for the teens and made famous by shows like “Friends,” today’s coffeehouses are trendy, upscale hangouts and even places for people to get their work done.

Typical customers at some of America’s more popular coffee destinations include workaday folks on their way in for the daily grind. They also include a distinct late morning crowd of stay-at-home moms and their kids, work-at-home folks with their laptops who want a change of pace and even businesspeople and retirees looking for a different place to meet, relax and enjoy a gourmet cup of Joe at lunchtime and beyond.

Rather than just appeal to the beatnik set or the jazz lovers, today’s coffee shops offer a little something for everyone. By creating clean, safe and alcohol free environments that also serve up some great sandwiches and snacks, these shops have become destinations, hang outs and meeting places of their own rights.

Look at some of the top dating tips for 20- and 30-somethings and hanging out in the produce aisle no longer makes the list or shouldn’t. The local coffee shop does though.

With a variety of coffee, teas, sodas and foodstuffs, coffeehouses of today are not what they were in the past when it comes to menus. But, they remain, as always, a place that’s ideal for a gathering of the minds or a short afternoon break.