To Those Who Have, More Will Be Given

I don’t know about you but I never understood this verse in the Bible. Doesn’t it seem a very unfair statement? Nobody could really give me a satisfactory explanation, which would change that view. That was until recently when I finally understood what I think is its “true meaning.”

“To have” or “not to have” as meant by this verse doesn’t necessarily mean tangible wealth or possessions as most people who heard this verse thought, although it has a bearing on whether you will keep tangible possessions or not.

Rather it refers to an “attitude” as most scriptures in the Bible do. The verse says, that those who have, will receive more but those who don’t have will lose even the little they have. Lets get a little practical here and see if I make any sense.

What this means is you may not have tangible possessions and yet you may have more than someone who has tangible wealth. Those who have, acknowledge that they have received and are therefore grateful. This feeling of gratitude is reflected in the way they live their lives.

People who have, often gives and helps others, which is a sign that they have, because in nature you can only share or leave over for others when you have enough. People who are like this will receive even more.

Everybody loves people who give, don’t you? We want to do things in return for them, including wanting to do business with them. Let me give you a practical example. The most successful Internet marketers have realized that in order to sell, they have to give something away. Those who give the most away are often the most successful.

If you are stingy and you want people to buy your products, but you are not prepared to give, then know that you won’t last long no matter how good your product is.

What is your attitude? Do you think you have or do you think you don’t have? Have you ever heard someone who proclaims that he can’t actually do something great?

Just look around you and you’ll find that more than 80% of those who have achieved something in life think that “they have” and that “they can”. Compare that with those people in life, who are really struggling, and you’ll find that they feel they don’t have and that they can’t.

“To have” also means to recognize that “you can,” which is only possible because you have received unique skills and talents.

What this verse merely says and which is confirmed by tangible reality is that your attitude determines your reality. The only way you can and will get and keep real wealth is when you change your attitude.

Those who do not have, as described by this verse are always complaining, about how difficult things are. Don’t you know people who are like that? They are stingy and are often critical of others. They believe they owe nobody nothing and doesn’t do anything unless they get something in return.

The difference between those who have and those who don’t have is this. Poor people want to receive tangible things such as wealth and possessions first, before they “recognize” that they have.

Unfortunately the Universe doesn’t work that way. You must first recognize what you have, including your talents, your health, good eyesight, hearing, good legs to walk with and use these, and only then will you receive the tangible things you seek such as wealth and happiness.

If you “don’t have”, it is perhaps because you don’t have the attitude of those who have. That’s why you constantly find that nothing seems to work for you. It is as if there’s a hole in your pocket. Even the little you make seems to just slip through these holes.