To People Who Want To Fight Acne … But Aren’t Succeeding Yet

Are you fighting disfiguring pimples with resulting scars? If you are, you probably know that there are many choices of acne medicine out there. However, you may not know which medicine will work the best for you. First of all, you need to be aware of what’s available to help you get rid of your pimples.

For example, why not investigate over-the-counter products at your local drugstore? There are a lot of choices, so it’s hard to know which one you should choose because one size doesn’t fit all. People respond differently to the various acne over-the-counter remedies available.

When you search for the right acne medicine for you, be sure to read the instructions on the containers. You need to be aware that there are possible side effects to taking each of the different brands. If you should experience side effects to the particular acne medicine that you have chosen, you’ll want to be aware of what those side effects are. That way, if you experience side effects, you can change to another brand or you can decide if it’s worth it to suffer the side effects.

If you only have a mild case of acne, there are acne preparations that specialize in reducing the number of black kids and whiteheads on your skin. It might be very beneficial to you to choose this type of acne treatment.

You also might want to select an acne medication containing sulfur. That’s because sulfur has been used for many years effectively for fighting pimples.

Before you purchase any acne medication, be sure to do your part in keeping pimples away by keeping your skin really clean. Skin cleansers with benzyl peroxide in them can be effective.

Other popular acne remedies that you don’t need a prescription to obtain are products containing herbs. A number of people have found special acne-fighting herbs to be effective for them.

The information that I have just given you is by no means complete, but it is a brief summary of acne medicines that are available for you to try.

You don’t have to be on your own with your war against pimples. One of the best health decisions you can make is to go to a doctor with your acne problem. Doctors use special sterile instruments to work on your pimples to avoid spreading infection and to prevent scarring.

Doctors often have samples of acne medicine that they will give to you for you to try. That way you can try various brands to see which one is best for you. You will probably find your best choice of acne medicine a lot faster by seeking medical care instead of searching for the right choice by yourself.

Another benefit of going to a doctor is that he or she can prescribe acne medicine for you that you cannot buy over the counter. These prescriptions are usually antibiotics. Acne antibiotics come in the form of pills, gels, lotions and solutions. Your doctor can help you avoid using antibiotics in a haphazard way because overuse can lead to antibiotic resistance.

Doctors can also prescribe both Accutane and Sotret. These are very powerful acne medications, but do not use either one of these medications unless you’re positive that you will not be getting pregnant while you are using them. They both cause birth defects!

Your doctor might want you to try retinoic acid. It is a form of vitamin A. This medication can cause irritation of the skin, but it now comes in a slow-release form that minimizes irritation. Retinoic acid helps unplug pores and reduces whiteheads and blackheads which lead to pimples.

Remember, one of the best choices is to start with advice from your doctor who can help you win your war with acne.