Tired of Towin’ the Line!

By a show of hands, how many people feel like they are working hard every day at life and at work, but either don’t feel like you are making enough money, or you don’t feel like you are being properly recognized for your efforts?

How many people put in more than their fair share of hours each day at work and at home, yet still don’t have the success in life that you have been working towards for years?

Pretty much everyone can raise their hand to some degree or other when it comes to answering questions like those. In fact, very few people are kicking back on the couch and just watching life go, having already attained all of their dreams in this world.

Then why is it that the people who are trying so hard in life – people like you – just can’t seem to get where they want to be? Why is it that it sometimes seems like the harder we work, the harder it is to get what we want?

Makes you want to just throw in the towel sometimes, doesn’t it? You are tired of towing the line and you want what’s coming to you!

You have the power inside of you right now to get what it is that you want, and to activate that power, there are only two things that you must do:

1) Decide what you want. No, not what you think you can have, but what you really WANT.

2) Focus on what you want with every fiber of your being at every available opportunity.

See, wasn’t that easy?

The truth of the matter is that it really is that simple. However, the problem is that most people simply don’t know what it is that they truly want, or they want so many things at the same time that they can’t focus on any one thing long enough to attain it.

Our lives tend to get in the way when we try to go after our dreams, and before we know it, years have gone by, and we are not significantly closer to our goals than we were in the beginning.

There is a very real reason why this happens, and although the concept can be summed up in many different ways, the most well-known description is that of the Law of Attraction.

Since we are all made of energy at the sub-atomic level – as is everything else in the known universe – then we have a natural tendency to attract energy vibrations that are similar to those which we are sending out at any given moment – hence the name, Law of Attraction.

So let’s go back to the pattern that you have walked so far in your life, and make a very simple comparison. Have you:

1) Had a crystal clear goal in your mind of exactly what you have always wanted, and have you have been filled with confidence by your ability to attain it? Or, have you:

2) Wanted many different things in your life, and your desires have ranged from a vague passing interest in something, all the way up through a true burning desire to have it?

For most people, option number two is going to be more descriptive of their lives. Even though most of us have had a “general” goal of increased wealth, better health and fitness, or a more fulfilling personal life, how many of us have defined those goals, focused on them, and refused to let go of that focus, no matter what happened?

Now let’s get a quick reminder of the two things that we must have for success: A clear and specific goal, and an unwavering focus on that goal.

The Law of Attraction will bring us EXACTLY what we “vibrate for”, or what we “feel about”. If those vibrations are clear, confident, and consistent, then we will attract similar energy, and the things that we want in our lives will manifest – every single time.

However, being a scientific law that is every bit as immutable as the law of gravity, the Law of Attraction does not discriminate; it brings us exactly what we vibrate for or feel about – even if we don’t want it!

This is a critical point that even the “positive thinking” cheerleaders out there sometimes forget. Despite the absolutely unlimited power of the universe that is at our command via the Law of Attraction, that law is still a law, and it does not make distinctions between what we want and what we don’t want. It simply delivers.

The bottom line to all of this becomes a phrase that most people are familiar with; “what you think about, you bring about”. If you think about a chaotic life that is full of working hard, not making enough money, and not being recognized for your efforts, then that is exactly what you will get. It’s the law, and you cannot escape it – even if you don’t believe in it.

On the flip side, if we expend all of our efforts focusing on the great things that we want in life, feeling wonderful about the fact that we have the power to attain them, and we maintain iron-clad focus on those things, then they will show up – every single time.

So, if you’re tired of towin’ the line, sit down and decide what you DO want out of life. Then, think about the fact that you have the power inside of you to manifest it – no matter what it is – and you will be shown the path that you need to walk in order to get it. That’s the Law.