Tips & Tricks to Save on a Spa

Few things are as relaxing and rejuvenating as a spa treatment. However, everyone doesn’t have the money to visit spas at any time. Don’t be worried! There are ways to either save cash on every visit or even get services for free. Just find out some ways to get a discounted treatment.

Take Part in a Contest

Many spas regularly run contests. They give out free or cheap services as winning price. They sometimes organize a raffle draw. Simply enter a raffle and your name could be drawn at random. Find out whether your local spas are offering these kinds of contest or raffle draw. There may be some special type of contest. You may have to do something special to enter, i.e. send in a picture of yourself getting pampered. Such contest might be judged by the employees or other clients or they may draw your name at random. Before entering find out the details and the prizes they are offering.

Buy Gift Certificates

Most spas offer gift certificates for services. If you have a birthday coming up, you can ask for this as a present from loved ones. You can combine a few certificates to pay for the services you want by which you may be able to get an entire day of pampering without spending anything outside of a tip. To get such pampering you just have to make sure that your loved ones know this is what you want. Keep in mind the following things about spa certificate,

• could be purchased whether online or through the individual spa
• can typically be purchased in various amounts
• are going to expire within a year or so after you redeem
• don’t forget to allocate a tip for your technician

Use Customer Discounts

Take advantage of new customer discounts at local spas. Coupons and special deals will usually be posted on your mail, newspaper, or the website of the spa. Check these. A small percentage or a few bucks off a treatment can make your day because when you are trying to save money every dollar counts.

Few More Ways to Save

• Check for local spa coupons in coupon books
• Do a Google search for “day spa discounts” and “day spa coupons” for your locality
• Enquire whether your favorite spa has a loyalty program
• Take help from a message student for a reduced rate spa day
• Find coupon codes

So, no matter with your budget, you may still be able to get the services you have always enjoyed with these simple tips and tricks. You may need some hinting and hunting but the result should be worth the work.